StoriesDown Can Help You View and Download Instagram Story

StoriesDown is a unique app that lets you view stories without even logging into an account. It works the best for those who do not want to display their names while viewing someone’s stories.

As this is not an official Instagram feature you have to resort to such third-party apps in order to get the job done. But in most cases apps are not safe hence StoriesDown is the solution to this issue!

But is it legit? Or is it a scam? Because how can apps offer such cool features? All these queries are justified and in the following article, you’ll get to know about its credibility. And how to use it. 

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Is StoriesDown Safe? 

Well if your demand is to be able to view someone’s story without letting them know. Then yes the app does fulfill your requirement. 

Moreover, you can also download those stories! And that user won’t be notified at all. Hence it is the best app for stalkers. But what about the stories of private Instagram users? Well, this is where you can’t make use of the app to the fullest. Because for private accounts you’ll have to log in to your account and then be able to view their stories. 


As far as security is concerned. Well, the app is pretty secure because it only offers details regarding public accounts. As private ones are not useful for the website there are no security concerns. So, you are free to use it without any care.

However, let it be known that this is against Instagram’s rules! If you use this app regularly Instagram might notice your IP Address and eventually block it. So, you have to stay alert while using it. 

Instagram is an app that does not compromise anyone’s privacy hence using this app is illegal and can have consequences. If you use it, you’ll be violating their terms and conditions. Other than that there are no other issues. 

How to Install Instagram Stories Using StoriesDown? 

Follow the following steps to be able to download stories via the app or site:

  • Open the browser on your phone or laptop. And go to their official website. 
  • In the search bar, type the handle of the Instagram user you want to stalk. 
  • Once you recognize the username click on the icon. 
  • Now click on the ‘download’ option to install the story. 
  • Once you have chosen the destination folder click on ‘save’ and you are done! 

Why Choose StoriesDown And Not Any Other App? 

There are multiple reasons for this. You’ll find a lot of apps that will promise to do the same function. But the security factor won’t be there. And especially when your credentials are involved you can not trust any app like that. Moreover, it also lets big business accounts keep a track of their business.

As the app does not notify the user it serves multiple purposes at once! Plus many people have used this app and the reviews seem to be very positive. As it is easy to use you don’t need to resort to other applications. A few more reasons to use StoriesDown are:

  • Easy to follow
  • Reliable
  • Free
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Anonymity is always maintained

We hope that this article was informative. For more such content stay tuned! 

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