Andrea Ginola – Facts About the Second Son of David Ginola

David Ginola has been under the limelight for quite some time now. These days there have been headlines regarding his family as he is a part of “I’m a Celebrity” where a lot of secrets have been spilled! During the latest episodes, the activity regarding letters from home stirred a lot of drama.

David’s girlfriend got a lot of attention and many were shocked to find out about her life. Along with her fans have also started questioning Andrea Ginola who is the son of David Ginola. 

David has three children; two from his first wife Caroline and one from his current girlfriend Maeve Denat. David has already had a strong fan following due to his football legacy but it appears like he wants to expand this fan following even more.

Because along with Arlene Phillips, Snoochie Shy, Kadeena Cox, Danny Miller, and others he is one of the campmates in the British TV show. Around this time fans realized that a lot was known about his professional life but very little was public about his personal interests and relationship. But with each passing episode, we get to know interesting details about him and his family. In this article, we’ll be telling you about Andrea Ginola and his life details. 

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Who is Andrea Ginola? 

Andrea is the son of the soccer sensation and is 29 years old! That is just 3 years younger than his father’s current girlfriend who happens to be 32 and a French model and actress. 

Andrea Ginola
Andrea Ginola

Andrea’s mother happens to be David’s first wife, Caroline Delphin. And he also has a sister named Carla Ginola. In case you need to know more about Andrea make sure to check his personal Instagram. His handle is @andrea.ginola and has more than 2k followers there!

He was born in 1991 while his parents lived a happy life near St. Tropez. The entire family lived a glamorous life until there were certain infidelity allegations, eventually, their relationship fell off and Andrea’s parents got separated.

And it seems like Andrea does not have a close relationship with David’s current girlfriend. He revealed “She just happens to be in the right place at the right time.” Moreover, according to him, the relationship won’t last long and she will definitely not be the next “Angelina Jolie ”. 

Andrea started his career as a golf coach back in September of 2021. And he also has a good educational background and seems to be well settled in his life! 

To know more regarding David Ginola’s relations stay tuned! 

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