Latest Facts About David Ginola’s Partner Maeva Denat

The fans of “I’m a Celebrity” are going through a dilemma of not knowing enough about David Ginola’s secret partner Maeva Denat who turns out to be an influencer! Almost everyone on the show has so far received the chance of getting letters from their loved ones except a few unlucky ones. And David Ginola is one of them as no one has yet won him a chance. 

Danny Miller recently revealed that despite a second attempt they failed to win a chance for David which is making the viewers very anxious. But many are suspecting that in the upcoming episode David Ginola will finally get to receive a letter from his girlfriend Maeva Denat.

And this is from where the buzz around his partner began from. And if you’re one such fan who needs to know about who this mystery figure is then you are in the right place because we have summed up everything that is known regarding her. 

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David is an ex-footballer from France, who has played for Premier League teams and he is also a contestant for the British TV show “I’m a Celebrity”. So far he has kept the audience hooked and the following episode will yet again prove to be his spotlight! 

Who is Maeve Denat? 

Maeva is a French model and actress. And she is just 32 years old! The couple was first spotted together way back in 2016 while holding hands in Paris. And in the same year, David also divorced his wife. If you want to follow Maeve on her Instagram account her handle is @maevadenat12.


The couple welcomed their first daughter together two years later, in 2018. They seem to live a healthy life together and their Instagram accounts are filled with posts of their family! Even though they have an age difference of around 22 years, both seem to be very content with each other. She also cares a lot about David. In an interview Maeve Denat revealed:

“David’s biggest fear is he won’t live to see our daughter ever grow up and I feel the same way. It feels like there is a huge void in my life when he goes away. We miss each other so much. I am always worried about David’s health and what if something happens like before? I push him to take care of himself but it is a constant battle. David loves to cook and to eat and can eat three plates of food when you have just one. Like most French people, he likes to drink wine and smoke, but I’ve been trying to get him to stop.”

Where is Maeve Denat Right Now? 

Well while David is busy with ‘I’m a Celebrity” Maeve is occupied in St Tropez where she is shooting! 

When David received the letter from Maeve Dean he got quite emotional. Later he told me via telegram: “I try to control, most of the time, my emotions but sometimes it’s good to let them go. I got a baby too and er, I know she’s missing me a lot. Sometimes, it’s you know, it’s like, it’s too much.”

While David has 2 children from his prior relationship, Maeve also has one daughter from her previous relationship. 

For those wondering where to watch “I’m a Celebrity”, well you can watch it on ITV! The episodes air at 9 pm. For more updates regarding the couple stay tuned! 

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