When Will the Latest Ea Formula One Video Game, F1 2022, Be Released?

The release of F1 2022 has excited racing fans around the globe. This single-seater series gained huge popularity back in 2021 owing to the pandemic and the championship that panned out between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton and it gave a fresh turn to the eSports competition that exists in the current time.

Even though any new information about F1 2022 is yet not available, according to sources the players can expect to see a crossplay in the game for the very first time. In video games, the gamers can acquire the seat of the driver in a Formula 1 car and experience the opportunity of driving the race on the tracks just like the real professionals. 

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F1 2022: Release Date

The release date of F1 2022 is not officially announced either by Codemasters or EA. The game Formula 1 was developed by Codemaster, however, last year, it was purchased by EA. Codemaster Studios has the license to make the F1 games till 2025 as of the recent contract.

After analyzing the previous launch dates, it is clear that the games are usually launched during British Summer Time. As a result, the fan can expect the release of F1 2022 somewhere in July 2022. However, once the official release date is made available we will update the confirmed date for the same. Previously, F1 2021 was released on July 16 and FI made its debut on July 7, 2020. 

F1 2022: Features 

The features of F1 2022 are still not available and once the official information is made available, this section will be updated with the official information. A few features that the players can still expect in the game are My Team and Career Mode along with online and Co-Op mode.

According to sources, the new elements that the players can expect in F1 2022 include Miami Street Circuit, a new handling model, and sprint races. 

F1 2022
F1 2022

F1 2022: Tracks 

According to sources, the player can expect the schedule for the 2022 seasons in syndication with the game. The calendar for the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship included places like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Melbourne, Imola, Miami, Barcelona, Mocano, Baku, Montreal, Silverstone, Spielberg, Le Castellet, Budapest, Spa, Zandvoort, and Austin along with other places. The F1 2022 calendar will feature 23 races that include one new race in the United States. 

F1 2022: Gameplay 

No official announcement regarding the gameplay of F1 2022 is announced by Codemasters yet. However, the players can hope to see the features and elements of the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in F1 2022. 

A nice addition to the game of F1 2022 will be sprint races both in online and offline mode. A discussion is taking place between the FIA and the teams regarding their inclusion in F1 2022. 

F1 2022: Pre Order

The pre-order of F1 2022 is currently not available and it is expected that the players will be able to pre-order F1 2022 somewhere during Spring of 2022. Also, the trailer of F1 2022 is yet not available. 

Will There Be A Change In F1 2022?

In 2021, EA bought Codemasters, that too right before the release of F1 2021. With the purchase being made, EA will now have a say on how the players can enjoy the game. The quick purchase before the release of F1 2021, might not have allowed EA to make any vital changes.

However, the players can expect to see some changes in F1 2022 with EA in the picture. The involvement of EA in F1 2022 can result in changes in the release date of the game and the trailer along with the gameplay.

EA has given Codemasters the freedom to still act as an independent studio and therefore, one should not be expecting any drastic changes in F1 2022 in comparison to the previous season. F1 2022 will be made available for both PC and consoles. 

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