Picuki – Instagram Editor and Viewer for Stories, Profiles, Followers, Posts and Tags Online

Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer app. A user of Picuki can use it for viewing Instagram stories, followers, profiles, posts, tags and location. In addition to that can also use Picuki for editing these elements. It is a web-based tool that is available for usage for free. One can also use Picuki to directly upload Instagram photos and share them with the content. In addition to that Picuki also allows the user to check trending content of Instagram which includes tags and profiles. What makes Picuki unique is that for using this web-based tool one does not need to have an Instagram account.


The unique selling proposition of Picuki is that it allows users to view Instagram profiles without actually having an Instagram account. The tool is especially handy for people who want to view Instagram content but do not want to create an Instagram account. This feature is not particularly available for the users but Picuki as a medium is now possible. 

In addition to that, Picuki does not leave any footprints. In simple words, even if you look at the stories of a user on Instagram, the user will not know that you have viewed their story or posts.

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Picuki: Available For Free

Picuki is a free tool to use. It is because the monetization of Picuki is such that it collects its money from Google Adsense. Thanks to the monetization model of Picuki, the users do not need to spend even a buck for using the tool. 

The Usage

Picuki is basically an Instagram viewer and editor app that the user can use for both browsing and editing Instagram profiles, stories, posts, followers, tags, posts and locations for free and that too for an unlimited period of time. The tool gives the user the freedom to explore tags on Instagram and to check the comments and likes under any post. Using the app is extremely easy according to the reviews of its users. 

With Picuki, it is also possible to download the Instagram content without actually signing in from the actual Instagram profiles. In addition to that, Picuki also ensures that your activities on the website are masked. In short, Picuki provides users with a safe and secure way of browsing Instagram content. 

How To Use Picuki?

The web-based tool, Picuki can be operated from any popular browser like Google Chrome and Safari and then enter the official website link of Picuki in the address bar. Once the home page of Picuki opens up, click on the enter button. It is recommended to check the menu bar which is located at the top section of the website to see the options available on Picuki. 

For viewing a particular profile using Picuki, the user has to enter the username of the profile. In addition to that, one can also set preference criteria that includes whether they want to view that specific profile or other profiles too. After that click on search and select the profile that you want to view. Once the profile is selected, you can view the content of the profile.

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Before using Picuki, one might wonder whether using it is legal or not. You will be glad to know that browsing Instagram anonymously is legal and therefore, using Picuki is legal too. With the Picuki app, it is possible to view Instagram content without having an Instagram account and it is safe to use. 

How To Block A User In Picuki?

It is possible to block a user in Picuki. All that one needs to do is visit the profile page of the user, click on the three-dotted menu which is located in the upper-right corner and then go ahead and click on “Block” to block a user on Picuki.


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