How to Change Zoom Background in Needy Hours

Apart from controversies, the video calling app Zoom has become popular among all of us, and somehow the credit goes to coronavirus. As during the COVID period, most of us are working from home and using the online video conferencing tools to attend the office meetings. Sometimes, while working from home, we need to clean our messy rooms before joining those sessions. But what to do when your manager called an urgent meeting, and you don’t have enough time. In this scenario, you can change the zoom background to avoid the feeling of embarrassment among your colleagues. Nevertheless, how to change Zoom background?

Despite the option to change the background, the app offers several other features such as private mode, waiting room, meeting password protection and many others. However, among all of these, the settings to transforms your video background is impressive. With this option, you can change zoom background from the room behind you to outer space or Taj Mahal.

Things to Remember Before Starting the Process to Alter the Background

Before starting the process to change zoom background, you must be aware of the fact that your computer or laptop must have minimum requirements to change your environment. Moreover, if you tend to change your gesture a lot or rock back in your chair, then the caller will notice a few breaks in the background. Still, you don’t need to worry as these issues will resolve shortly.

List of the Things That You Need to Use Virtual Background on Zoom 

  • A room or any other place where you get proper lightening.
  • A good quality webcam (The laptop’s inbuilt webcam is also sufficient).
  • You must use green or any other solid colour background for the best result. The zoom developers recommend using a green background colour because it assists the app in detecting the background and foreground quickly.

Guide to Know How to Change Zoom Background

  • Open the Zoom app on your computer/laptop and sign in with your login credentials.
  • Now go to the settings, which you can find just below your profile icon.
How to Change Zoom Background
  • Now Click on virtual background option to select a background of your choice.
How to Change Zoom Background

After clicking on the virtual background option, you’ll see a list of default background choices offered by Zoom. You just need to click any one of them to set that as your background image. At the bottom of the page, there is also a green screen option if you want to use.

How to Change Zoom Background

You can choose to use a background from the list of default backgrounds. Else you can also upload an image of your choice to use as the Zoom background. To do this, you just need to click on the “+” sign which is just next to where it says “Choose Virtual Background”. Check the image below for exact location.

How to Change Zoom Background in Needy Hours

After clicking that “+” icon, a pop-up window will open to allow you to upload a photo from your system’s hard disk. Now choose and select any picture which you want to use as your virtual background. After making the selecting, just hit the confirm button and the image will appear alongside the other photos as an option to choose from.

You can get rid of these uploaded images whenever you want. To delete them, you just need to click on the “X” icon which you can find in the top left corner of the image.

How to Change Zoom Background After Joining a Meeting?

The background can be changed even after joining a meeting. To do so, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Just hover your cursor at the bottom of the client. Then tap on the up arrow, which is just next to stop the video.
  • Choose Change Virtual Background from the list of options.
  • After selecting the virtual background option, you can choose one of Zoom’s defaults, or you can also upload the image of your choice.
How to Change Zoom Background in Needy Hours

To add your preferred image in the background, you just need to hit that “+” icon to browse and upload a picture from your computer.

Note:- If you have already set up the green screen, then you can select that option from here.

How to Change Zoom Background on the Mobile App?

Unfortunately, you can’t change zoom background in the Android apps, because this option is just supported in IOS devices only. Regardless if you are trying to change the background in zoom app for iPhone or iPad, then the process is relatively simple.

How to Change Zoom Background in Needy Hours
  • Join a meeting.
  • Tap More in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Virtual Background.
  • Tap the “+” icon.
  • Select an image which you want to use.

In both devices, the background effects won’t work correctly, if you don’t have a high-contrast background, especially a green screen. It will still work without a high-contrast scene, but there may be some glitches.

How to Apply a Beauty Filter in Zoom?

The boss called an urgent meeting, and you don’t even have a minute to work on your looks, then don’t worry because there’s a filter for that! This face beautifies feature on Zoom is known as “Touch Up My Appearance”. As per the official claims, during a call, this feature shows smooth skin tones to make your appearance more polished.

To apply the touch up, you just need to perform the following steps.

  • Open Zoom app in your computer; else you can open it in the browser if you haven’t installed yet.
  • From the homepage, find and click on the gear icon to go to the “Settings”.
  • However, if you’re already in between a meeting, then try to locate “^” next to “Stop Video” button and click “Video Settings“.
  • Now locate the “Touch Up My Appearance,” and tick the box to turn on the filter.

Suggestion:- If you get Error Code 3003 along with a message “no such host found for this meeting” on zoom. Then you can solve this issue by following the steps mentioned in this Zoom Error Code 3003 guide.


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