Best Apps For Learning SMM Professionals

Stories on Instagram are becoming more popular – more and more people are consuming content thanks to this format.

A study on Instagram was conducted for which 15,000 Instagram stories of global brands were analyzed. The results showed that brands that publish 10 pages a day have twice as much coverage as those that do not post anything. Brand accounts with 20 pages have five times more coverage in their accounts.

Today we talk about applications that will help make the story more original visually. However, any young marketing student, as well as experienced marketers, must remember that visual content is not the end of it all! The textual content must be at least on par. To achieve this, platforms like paper writing service MasterPapers can be extremely, as the professionals there can easily generate impactful texts.


One of the world’s most popular tools for creating stories. It has a rich library with various templates – light and minimalist. In the program, you can insert photos into frames, as in Polaroid, mix in a collage and add fonts similar to handwriting. Unfold will turn digital frames into authentic photo cards.


Another popular application with a diverse library of blanks for stories. In it, you can choose not only ready-made templates but also create your own. This user is offered a large number of background options, more than a hundred fonts, and various graphic elements. This allows you to make the story as close as possible to the style of the brand.


In the case of situations where the video is high quality and fits into the content plan, but is not suitable for the size of the pages. In InShot, you can trim the video to the desired format.

8 mm

This application turns videos into an old rarity. It will have scratches, cracks, and even another color. The application makes modern videos similar to those shot in the twentieth century. With stylized imagery, you’ll want to adapt the textual content too. In this situation, Masterpapers will be an excellent choice for anyone needing custom content.


The perfect app for one of the oldest Instagram formats – food photos. It has more than thirty different filters that make the dishes in the photo tastier and more appetizing. In Foodie, you can also edit photos and create videos in less than a minute. The best option for food bloggers and restaurant brands.


One of the most interesting applications for creating stories. Adds a photo and video effect of broken pixels or TV interference. Make it as simple as possible – you need to download the desired file and run your finger across the screen until you select the effect you like best. Among the popular filters – VHS, Gradient, Glitch, Scan, LCD, Datamosh.


Perfect replacement for standard Instagram fonts that are already a little tired. Allows decorating the pages with animated texts.

Cam Corder

Another application that can take content to the last century. Adds filters that make videos similar to those recorded on tape in the 1980s.


The main purpose of this application is to create a slideshow of photos for stories. Photos can move around the screen, resize and resize. There is an option to customize the animated text. You can also add moving or glowing effects. Such pages are better remembered and attract more attention than static images.


The application creates live publications. In it, you can choose from more than a hundred ready-made effects that you add to your own photos.


An application that creates text templates for stories. It has more than 750 ready-made inscriptions in its library, which are suitable for various spheres of activity. In addition, AppForType has 54 fonts for writing texts. You can also create collages and stickers for stories. Finished photos can be published immediately.


The main feature – the ability to add to your photo or video music of various genres. In the application, you can also use sound effects or create full-fledged slide shows with zoom effects. Storybeat has a built-in library of tracks sorted by music genres – this simplifies the search for the necessary songs. It is possible to add melodies from your phone and record voice inside the application.


An application for working with video. Allows you to play at speed – increase, decrease or play in reverse order. In Efectum, you can add music to the video, crop it, or use the effects you want to process. Before exporting, you can select the quality in which you want to save the file. You can also record a voice inside the application and publish-ready.

Create The Best Content You Can

With the apps discussed above, you’ll easily be able to create awesome imagery for your posts – all that is needed from you is just a little bit of creativity. Also, check out the article, Choosing the Best Writing Companies | Top Options, which will help you establish memorable textual content.


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