Crunchyroll Guest Pass: Do You Really Need It?

Every anime lover loves to watch their favourite shows in the best HD quality. And when it comes to the quality, there is only one thing that comes into our mind is Crunchyroll. If you are an anime lover, then you must know that Crunchyroll is a premium streaming app, which is promised to deliver all your favourite anime shows, including simulcast series. All the viewers who love to enjoy watching the greatest and hottest manga and anime. Can refresh their memories and mind after paying a small amount as a subscription fee. But what about those who don’t have enough money to enjoy their favourite shows? Don’t worry, because there is an exceptional guest pass which is just for you. Yeah, you got it right. It’s the Crunchyroll Guest Pass.

So, what is Crunchyroll Guest Pass and how to get a Crunchyroll Guest Pass without making any payment? Let’s read further to clear all the doubts regarding Crunchyroll Guest Pass.

What is Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

In simple words, the Crunchyroll guest pass is complimentary access to their services. But this guest pass isn’t a part of their premium offerings. These guest passes are offered to the premium users of Crunchyroll to allow them to invite their buddies to check out the Crunchyroll website and its features without any cost.

If your friend has already sent you the Guest Passcode, then you can directly enter it into the Crunchyroll Guest Pass page. After redeeming the pass, you will be eligible to enjoy premium services offered by Crunchyroll for the next 48 hours. But a premium user can just send the invitation code once every month.

The worst thing about these passes is that these are very irregular. Many premium users on Reddit reported that they just got the pleasure to share the Crunchyroll Guest Pass with their friends for two or three times each year.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass

How to get a Crunchyroll guest pass for Free?

There are several ways by which you can get a guest pass for yourself. But from all of them, the easiest and simplest one is to ask your friend who already own a Crunchyroll’s premium account. However, if you are too shy to ask your friend about this free pass, then don’t worry. Because you still have several ways by which you can get a Crunchyroll pass without any cost.


Everyone knows about the telegram and its groups which help most of the users to get many premium services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. free. On this platform, there are thousands of Crunchyroll groups and channels which you can join to get a guest pass.

According to the experts, you should research a bit about the activity of these channels before joining. Because joining groups with closed eyes is such a bad idea.

If you can’t find an active Crunchyroll group, then you must broader your search by trying to join various other anime and manga channels available on Telegram.

Follow Crunchyroll On Every Social Media Platform

If you are looking for a free guest pass, then you need to be super active on all the social media platforms to keep an eye on all the posts and information shared by the Crunchyroll. Because they share the passcode on their several official accounts and some it is the most appropriate method for everyone to grab this chance at a single go.

Always keep a sharp eye on the posts shared by their official accounts. If you miss a post that contains the guest pass, then don’t curse yourself. Because there are more than five million users who are actively participating in social media for a very long period.

Reddit Weekly Guest Pass MegaThread

The Reddit Weekly Guest Pass MegaThread is the best option to grab a Crunchyroll guest pass for yourself. To grab a guest pass, you must check this thread every Thursday on the Crunchyroll subreddit. As mentioned earlier, you must remain very quick to grab and activate one of these passes because Reddit users paste these publicly. That mean’s anyone can use them right away.

Crunchyroll Anime Forum

The premium anime service provider has its forum. But bear the fact in your mind that these passes are posted publicly. So, you’ll have to be very lucky to find a pass that works.

If you login into the official forum, then you’ll find that there are dozens of pages related to this thread. Although, you don’t go through every post on the forum, just refine the latest entries which are only a few hours old. If you manage to find an active thread, then you can also find a working pass very quickly.

Somehow, you don’t manage to find an active Crunchyroll Guest Pass, then don’t lose hopes. Because there are still many other anime forums. And most of them have their genre of the Crunchyroll pass thread. Therefore, after putting some efforts to dig on search engines and online fan communities, you can uncover the hidden treasure.


As per the official statement, these Crunchyroll Guest Pass aren’t frequently available for all the users. Even these are just valid for 48 hours. Thus, don’t you think that paying for the premium content is far better than these passes to enjoy your favourite anime shows without any interruption? During your subscription, if you find that free content is far better than the paid one, then you can cancel your Crunchyroll subscription whenever you want.

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