7 Apps Must Be an In-App Collection of Tech Lovers

Technology lovers will always love to have an in-app collection in their mobile phones to test modern technology. Some apps are necessary and ordinary to tech lovers that are discussed in this article.

Thousands of tools are available on the Google Play Store that gives benefits in a different field, but some of the apps are boosting tech people’s productivity.
Some apps help modernise technology, while others increase time efficiency for development.

Here are some of the apps that are essential for tech lovers:

1. Feedly

You may have heard of this app, but if not, install it. This application is beneficial for bloggers, news, and magazine owners because it groups all articles under categories.

Feedly makes a difference for bloggers to read the article on a single platform instead of manually searching for materials.

If you want to read an article, just click on the article and it opens in the minimalist Feedly interface, which is very surprising. It has several sharing options that can help you share the information with your friends.

If you want to read some other niche blogs, then you can read the article in addition to the technology also through the possibility of exploration.

2. Money View

Have you ever noticed why you are running out of money? Probably this is due to poor money management, especially if you do it manually. In this case, this app is beneficial for you.

Money View app is a money management book that allows you to save your records and manage your savings. Below are some of the fantastic features listed:

  • It automatically detects your SMS from your bank account and adjusts the accounts.
  • It manages the balance and transactions of your bank, regardless of whether you have multiple bank accounts.
  • It manages all expenses and taxes on your transactions.
  • You can also manage your invoices and scheduled payments, which the app will remind you of before the due date.
  • One of the advantages of using this app is that it is completely secure because it does not sync your data over the Internet, as it is offline.
  • This app also provides group spending and accounting, where you can share expense and investment details with the group for reminder purposes.
  • This app helps with income tax returns because it would contain all the wealth and expense details.

3. Office Lens

Office Lens app was developed for teachers, students, bloggers, web owners, and other relevant peoples and was developed by the famous company Microsoft.

It is a scanner app that correctly scans your documents. As you place the text under the camera of your phone, it shows the edges to adjust the size of the paper to be examined.

However, the limits are adjustable, and you can adjust them according to the paper size. Once you have scanned the document, you can also edit it according to the most suitable preset.

The quality of the scanned paper depends on the quality of your camera and writing. With a better camera, the copy looks like it was scanned with a scanner.

4. Authenticator

The Authenticator app is an innovation for the security of your accounts and was developed by Google. With this app, you can set up the 2-way security factor to reduce the likelihood that your accounts will be hacked.

The authenticator is set up for all your Google accounts, and if you need to log in with your Google account, you need to generate authentication from the app on your phone.

After entering the password, you will need to generate the code from the app to log in to any location you want.

Here is the list of features of this authentication app:

  • It generates the verification code offline without an internet connection
  • It works on most devices and with many accounts
  • It has a dark mode
  • It is easy to set up by scanning the QR code
  • The transfer of accounts between devices via the QR code is fast and efficient

5. Word Web

It’s pretty easy to find everything on the Internet, but what if you want to search for a word, but without the Internet. There’s an app that doubles as a dictionary to search for a particular word offline.

Not only the meaning, but you can also find the synonyms, antonyms, phrases, and much other information through this application.

Word Web a pretty great app because it contains a vast database and for that, you should have some extra data in your subscription as well as storage space on your phone.

The database contains authentic words and their meanings with appropriate nouns and abbreviations. This application is beneficial for students and teachers as they may not have access to the Internet of their institute.

6. Quora

Whether you are a technology student or a professional, a lot of questions will revolve around your mind, but finding solutions will take time and research.

But Quora has made it more comfortable because it has its database, containing millions of questions and answers.

However, if you don’t find the question you have, you can post your question, and niche experts will answer it.

This channel is beneficial not only for techies but also for questions from other categories.

7. Plagiarism Checker 

As a technology professional or a businessman, you may know how important it is to avoid plagiarism in your content.

Whether you are using your unique content, verifying plagiarism is very important, while you can now check it on your smartphone.

Originality Checker is a very fantastic app that allows you to search your email context, messages, business suggestions, and blog posts to check any duplicate content. It highlights the plagiarised sentences as well as indicate the user with the ratio of original and copied content. 

One of the most prominent features of this application is that you can scan your document within the app to have it automatically verified instead of writing it. Thus, the plagiarism of your business documents, letters, suggestions, and requests can be quickly checked.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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