Hogwarts Legacy blue characters: How to fix?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game that offers players an unforgettable action-packed adventure. The game has several accessibility options that make it easy to play for all gamers. However, one particular accessibility option has been causing trouble and turning players’ characters blue! Why is this happening? How do you fix the Hogwarts Legacy blue characters? Keep reading to discover how to turn your characters back to normal! 

Why Are Characters Turning Blue in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Hogwarts Legacy blue characters are caused due to an accessibility option, the High Contrast gameplay option. This option aims to help visually impaired people play the game better. However, the high contrast turns characters blue, and if you unintentionally turn it on, it can be a huge problem to deal with.

Most people face the issue of blue characters when they first start playing the game. The High contrast option may already be turned on at the beginning of the game, which can annoy many players. 

Hogwarts Legacy blue characters How to fix
Hogwarts Legacy blue characters How to fix

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Additionally, a bug has been turning on the High contrast accessibility option for many players recently. It is normal to panic after all your characters suddenly turn blue. Fortunately, there is an easy fix! It’ll only take you a few seconds to make your characters appear normal again. 

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Fixing Hogwarts Legacy Blue Characters

If you notice that your character or the characters around you are blue, then follow the steps given below to turn them back to their standard colors, 

  • Open the Settings through the main menu. 
  • Click on the Accessibility options that are represented by a small picture of a man. 
  • Scroll down until you find the High Contrast Gameplay feature. Turn this option off. 

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The steps mentioned above should resolve the issues of Hogwarts Legacy blue characters. Although we don’t know why the option is getting turned on randomly for people, we are sure the game developers will resolve the patch soon.

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