Heart of the sea Minecraft- Steps to get it and usage

Minecraft has come a long way in the past couple of years and is continuing to get updated every now and then to always keep players on the tip of their toes. The game’s land and oceans are filled with vital things to help make a player’s lifestyle in the game extravagant. One such item hidden away in the depth of Minecraft oceans is Minecraft Heart of the Sea. This rare item is bound to be of great use. But getting your hands on it is not an easy task and will require both time and effort.

How to get your hands on Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

The journey to get Heart of the Sea is not going to be easy and this is why you need to be prepared for it. The heart of the sea is located underwater and you will have to dive in deep to get there. So, it is a good option to have an enchanted set of armor with boosts such as Respiration III, Depth Strider III, and Aqua Affinity. Besides this, you can also opt for crafting water-breathing potions that will help you breathe underwater for approximately 3 to 8 minutes. In addition to getting help breathing underwater, players will also need night vision so that they see what’s underwater better.

Locations where Heart of the Sea can be found

Once you have all the things you need for exploring underwater, it is time to find the right spot to dive in. The heart of the sea isn’t just located in any river or lake you come across. In fact, it is hidden in oceans with shipwrecks and treasures. So, you need to find an ocean biome (maybe follow a river until you reach the ocean or have an elytra to guide you). Luckily, there is no specific ocean where you can find the heart of the sea. And you can look into any ocean with any temperature. However, we would advise you not to dive into an icy ocean because even if you find the heart of the sea inside it, getting out of that ocean will be quite difficult since ice will be continuously forming on its shore.

Now that you have found an ocean, there are a couple of locations to look out for underwater since these have the most chances of having a treasure chest that contains the map which will lead to a heart of the sea. Keep an eye out for ocean ruins because you might just find a treasure chest here buried under all that sand and gravel. However, this area is full of drowned creatures who will not shy away from attacking you. Be prepared to fight back and remember to have a shovel with you so that you can dig out the treasure chest. Another great location is shipwrecks which can be either closer to the surface of the ocean or deep inside the water.

Going where the treasure map takes you

Whichever of the two locations you came across, we hope you have found the treasure chest. And opened it because it has that special buried treasure map that will take you to the Minecraft heart of the sea. The map will have an X. Follow that area and go dig on those coordinates which match with X to get a chest. This chest will have what you have been looking for.

What can Heart of the Sea be used for?

Heart of the Sea Minecraft

Heart of the Sea along with a total of eight Nautilus Shells can be used in making a conduit. A conduit activates only underwater and gives players numerous advantages to help them survive underwater. They resemble Minecraft’s Beacon Blocks and give players buffs. The buffs provided by the Minecraft Conduit are numerous. These include giving players the ability to breathe underwater for an unlimited time and an increase in speed for underwater mining. It also gives the ability to see properly underwater and provide damage to nearby enemy mobs. All these buffs along with the bit of light that the conduit emits make it a must-have underwater item.

Nautilus shells are easy to find. You can get your hands on them via fishing or even by killing a drowned enemy who might just be carrying the item of your need (Nautilus shell). Then, for making a conduit, place eight of these nautilus shells in the borders of the crafting bench and then a heart of the sea in the very center. Viola, the conduit is now ready for you to place underwater and activate.

Conduit’s Frame

But, this is not all. You have to place the conduit within a frame made up of sixteen sea lantern blocks or even prismarine. You can find sea lantern blocks underwater as they give out light. Prismarines are stone blocks that you can find underwater in ocean ruins and monuments. Simply collect them to get your conduit working.

Moreover, based on the prismarine or sea lantern blocks that you have placed to make the Conduit’s frame, the effect’s radius of the buffs can be predicted. Try and manage to get all the sixteen blocks and build up a frame from them. Then, the effects’ radius will be up to thirty-two blocks around the entire structure. In addition to this, you can increase the effective range for 16 blocks. You can do this by adding more than seven blocks in the total frame. The maximum number of prismarine blocks that can be added to a frame is 42. This will give you the utmost power as the effects’ radius will increase up to 96 blocks.

Final Verdict-

You can collect as many Minecraft Heart of the Sea as you want. And make as many conduits as your heart desires. Just remember to follow our guide and you are good to go!


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