Happy Valley Season 4 – Will there be a Season 4 of Happy Valley?

Recently, a Happy Valley poster was released, which has sparked the rumor of the cancellation of Happy Valley season 4. Many sources report that the Happy Series, which won the heart of many series, is ending on 5th February, and Happy Valley season 4 is not happening. If you are also wondering whether Happy Valley season 4 is canceled, you have hit the right post. 

Why Are The Rumors Of Happy Valley Season 4 Cancellation Making Round?

Art of Happy Valley season 3 was released three months ago. The poster featured Catherine, Tommy, and Ryan. The rumors of Happy Valley season 4 cancellation are sparked from this poster. Are you wondering why? Well, it is because of an abandoned bike in the right corner of the sign. In addition, one can see a distant fire.

Commenting on David Chipakaupaku, a journalist tweeted asked if it is a spoiler of the series indicating the series is ending. If you have been following this series rigorously, you might know that Tommy used that bike in the fourth episode to escape the court. Therefore, there is a high chance that the fire in the poster’s background indicates that Tommy is either directly or indirectly responsible for it. 

Is Happy Valley Renewed for 4th Season
Is Happy Valley Renewed for 4th Season

The next question bothering the fans is, what is on fire? According to David, Nev’s place is on fire. Many Twitter users agreed to the same. However, there are conflicting views. It is because many users also think the place on fire is Catherine’s place. The answer to the question will be out on Sunday evening. 

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Will there be a Season 4 of Happy Valley?

To answer your question if Happy Valley season 4 is happening or not. The answer is no. The series will end with the third season, and you won’t be able to see Happy Valley season 4. 

Remember previously, Will Johnston, the executive producer of the show, at the BFI screening said that the makers do not have any plan to renew Happy Valley season 4. The original plan was always to have three seasons for the series. 

He confirmed that the series is not returning for Happy Valley season 4. Furthermore, he added that the series would end in a few weeks.

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Multiple Endings For The Series?

We are sure that the ending of Ryan and his family in the series will be terrific. The finale episode has yet to be out. However, the fans cannot keep calm, so many theories are making the rounds in discussing the series ending. Even though there are many rumors about the end of the series, the most interesting of them is that the series will have multiple endings. 

Rhys mainly decided to end this rumor about the series having multiple endings. He declared many of the theories regarding the series stupid, which makes him laugh. Rhys has completed this rumor but has yet to learn how the series will end. He adds that he heard somewhere about multiple endings, which is false. 

Throwing light on the finale episode, he said that the series has one end; however, it has been filmed in many ways. This is not new for a sequel. He added many ways to show what all the characters have to say, the emotions filling them, and differences in the angle and framing. It is because all these things can affect a scene drastically. 

The makers always knew how to end the series. On Sunday, we will get to know about the fate of Tommy Lee Royce and Richard Cawood. Are you excited for the finale episode now that Happy Valley season 4 is not happening?

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