GTA San Andreas is Coming to VR

We have got some fantastic news for all the Millennial gamers; GGTA San Andreas is coming to VR. It looks like Rockstar wasn’t only cooking its iconic Grand Theft Auto games; rather, it has got some amazing surprises up its sleeve.

On Thursday during Facebook Connect Livestream, Mark Zuckerberg make an announcement, a piece of delightful news for the gamers, that everyone’s favorite GTA San Andreas is getting a VR makeover. As per Zuckerberg, this version will be the greatest game ever that the players are going to love as they will be experiencing an entirely new way to open the GTA world in virtual reality. 

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The Oculus blog further calls that this project is going to take many years to make, but right now, there’s no screenshots or videos to show the action that is going to take place in San Andreas. So, for now, we can only rely on our imagination to predict what it is going to be like.

GTA San Andreas First – Ever VR Game in Production

GTA San Andreas is going to be the first-ever GTA game that they are going to create for VR. Even though you can find VR interfaces in Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5, they aren’t proper VR games. Rather, you can say they just allow you to see the game in VR. None of those games were actually developed for VR. However, a new version of San Andreas is specifically under development for Oculus Quest 2. This game is going to provide gamers with a much better experience.

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However, one thing that the company’s blog does reveal is that the game will look something like the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Even though it leaves us gamers pretty anxious but to date, there aren’t any leaks or insights regarding this upcoming VR version of GTA San Andreas.

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Well, hold on tight, folks; this is all we have for the GTA San Andreas VR to date. But fret not; as soon as we lay our hands on any more news, we’ll be the first ones to let you know.

Till then, keep on following our blog, Ciao!

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