Dead Island 2 surfaced on Amazon: Check Potential Release Date, Map Location, Screen

The new pre-order listing on Amazon for Dead Island 2 has given the fans new details about the upcoming game. You must have grown tired of the fake release dates and other sorts of news from unverified sources, but this one is legit! The following news is all based on reliable sources, so you don’t need to worry about its credibility. Scroll down below to know more about the second part of Dead Island. The game will yet again allow the players to play in LA, and along with this, we’ll also get six new characters called Slayers to choose from! 

Deep Silver has been quite tight-lipped about the game’s production. But some reliable video game leakers have thankfully put their skills to work! ‘Wario64’ on Twitter took things into his own hands, and he has brought forward some valuable information for the fans. Well, we have been waiting for its launch since 2014 (when it was first teased), but due to the numerous production delays and other technical issues, things have not been so smooth. But not anymore! 

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When will Dead Island’s second part be released?

As per the official Amazon listing, Dead Island 2 will launch on 3rd February 2023. But as it was a leak, you might not be able to follow this news back to any official source until now. Deep Silver must have taken care of this leak. But 3rd February seems like a legit release date as it is a Friday! And video games are usually released on days like this because of the following weekend. 

When will Dead Island's second part be released?
When will Dead Island’s second part be released?

Not to forget, Wario64 on Twitter is a verified account, and all his past information has been true. So, there is no way that he is making stuff. Apart from this, he has also given enough proof. Hence you can trust him with this matter. Amazon is also all prepared for the launch of the game. We are hoping that in the upcoming Gamescom Opening Night, we’ll finally get to see the official look of the game. 

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If you’re availing of the pre-order access or the day one edition, then you’ll get to enjoy certain perks. As a player, you’ll get the following:

  • The personal space skill card
  • Memories of Banoi Pack
  • Banoi War Club and Baseball Bat
  • And the Balanced ball advantage

The discussion about pricing details is long overdue now. But as the official company has not revealed the information so far, there’s nothing that we can do. 

What is the main setting of the Dead Island 2?

Thankfully Amazon has been generous in this regard as they have given us a detailed description of what the game will entail. There will be a virus spread in LA which will one by one turn the people living in it into zombies. The situation has gotten much out of control, and even the military has given up. But there are only a few individuals who have developed resistance to this rare disease. You’ll have to find a way, along with a few others, to save the world from collapsing. But beware, it will be just a few against many! 

What is the main setting of the Dead Island 2?
What is the main setting of the Dead Island 2?

According to the official description, it is a First-Person Action RPG. So, in simple words, you’ll once again get to play as a cool Zombie Slayer. You’ll get to see new regions and many other cool features. Moreover, Dambuster Video Studios are now working on the production of the game, which is still part of Deep Silver. 

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There are six more Slayers who are the new characters. They all have their own set of abilities which you can customize as per your needs. So, in the end, the success of your mission lies in your own hands. The types of zombies are still not out. So, you’ll have to wait for that kind of information. Your enemies, the zombies, are well adapted too. They have their own mutations, which makes them powerful in different ways. So, in order to defeat them, you’ll have to make a great effort. 

We, unfortunately, don’t have any leads regarding the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Dead Island 2. But with Gamescom Opening Night just around the corner, you won’t have to wait for long. So, that was all about the upcoming sequel of Dead Island. For more updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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