Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Explained

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves broke records and won the hearts of millions of people with its spectacular storyline, comedic scenes, and jaw-dropping plot twists. With a little mystery, suspense, and humor, the movie had all the ingredients for an iconic fantasy heist action movie. 

The story takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions, making it a little tricky to keep up with the constantly developing storyline, especially since so much happens at the end that it may overwhelm the audience! So, we are here to solve the issue for you and break down the Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves ending. We’ve mentioned all the relevant details and events that led to the finale and everything that happened in the finale below. 

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves- Events leading up to the finale 

We’ve discussed all the major events leading up to the finale below.

Egin and Holga’s Story 

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Expained
Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Expained

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The story revolves around Edgin and Hola, imprisoned in a maximum-security cell. Edgin was part of a secretive spy guild known as Harpers before his arrest. The organization worked towards spreading information about evil people to maintain peace in the realm. They did this out of the good of their hearts and did not expect anything in return. However, when he became involved in a case that resulted in a few Red Wizards getting arrested, the evil sorcerers killed his wife to get back at him. Thus, he ended up alone and had to look after his daughter Kira, who was just an infant, on his own.

The depression led to Edgin becoming a drunk, and this was when he met Holga, an ex-member of a barbarian tribe. She was kicked out of the tribe for falling in love with someone outside the group. Unfortunately, her relationship did not work out, and she ended up joining Edgin and Kira and living with them. Holga was a mother figure for the young girl, and she was like a sister to Edgin. 

Edgin And Holga- The Successful Thieves 

However, things got pretty rough, and Edgin and Holga had to resort to theft. They stole from the rich and did not hurt anyone in the process. This was when they recruited Forge, a rogue, and Simon, a wizard. The group worked together successfully and soon became famous. 

Hearing about their success, Sofina, a mysterious sorceress, hired them for a challenging task. The reward would be the Tablet of Reawakening, a device that could bring back Edgin’s wife. 

Unfortunately, the mission was a colossal flop, and Edgin and Holga got caught by the authorities. While in prison, the two used a member of the council who could fly to escape. They pushed him out of the window while forcefully mounting him. Having no other choice, the council member used his wings to land safely, and Edgin and Holga were able to escape. 

They then visited Forge, the new Lord of Neverwinter, as he was looking after Kira. He revealed that Sofina and him had betrayed the two and refused to let Edgin use the Tablet or take Kira back. Instead, Forge arrested the two, and Sofina secretly gave orders to the guards to execute both of them. However, the two escaped and decided to get revenge. 

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Explained

Below is the detailed sequence of events that took place in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves ending. 

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Explained
Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Ending Explained

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Gathering the Party 

Edgin and Holga did not have the skills to fight Forge alone. Hence, they approached Simon, who agreed to join them as he was broke. He also told the duo about a powerful shapeshifting druid, Doric. 

The three of them recruited Doric, who initially disagreed but then joined their party to get back at Forge, who destroyed a part of her people’s forest. 

Then, in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Doric used her powers to become an insect and eavesdropped on Castle Never. She discovered that a powerful spell protected the vault, and the group couldn’t access it until they could get rid of it. The vault held all of Forge’s treasures and the Tablet. 

Unfortunately, the spell was too powerful for Simon’s amateur magic. Hence, they needed the Helm of Disjunction to remove the enchantment and get into the vault holding all of Forge’s valuables. This device removed all the enchantments within a small area. 

Finding the Helm of Disjunction 

The Helm of Disjunction was located close to Longsaddle, the same place where Holga lived with Marlamin, her ex-husband. The two were able to get some closure, and he returned the walking stick that Holga gave him when they were still a couple.

The party visited the Evermoors Cemetry, the last place where the Helm of Disjunction was seen. The cemetery housed some of Holga’s ancestors in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves. The group dug up a few of the relatives and used Simon’s magic to reanimate them and learn that Xenk, a Thayan, possessed the Helm. 

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After locating Xenk, the questing party convinced him to help them succeed. Xenk took the party to Underdark on the condition that they would share Forge’s treasure with other people.  

In the Underdark, Simon realized the power of Holga’s walking stick. It was a Hither-Thither Staff that could open two portals and allow them to teleport! The party used this staff to get to the Helm of Disjunction. However, they were attacked by Sofina’s spies. Although Senk managed to defeat them, they somehow managed to get right back up. Fortunately for Edgin and his crew, Themberchaud, an obese dragon, appeared out of the blue and ate the assassins. 

So, the questing party successfully got the Helm of Disjunction and were able to get out of the Underdark with Themberchaud’s help in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves ending.

Failing The Mission

Simon must attune with the Helmet of Disjunction for it to work. However, he is prevented from doing this by a vision from one of his ancestors, who was also a great wizard. So, the first plan fails in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves.

Now, Edgin comes up with a backup plan using the Hither-Tither Staff. The party uses it to open a portal, but this plan fails, as it faces the floor, making it impossible for them to use it. So, Simon attunes the helmet at the last minute. This is when he realizes that the wizard holding him back is actually him! He was preventing himself from unleashing his true power. Now, Simon could use it to enter the vault. Doric could also enter it by transforming into a worm and entering the tiny portal they created with the Hither-Tither Staff. However, she ended up in a vault that was different from the one Simon and Holga were in.

Meanwhile, in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Edgin went to Kira to convince her he was a good father. This is when he finds out that all this was a trap! Kira was actually Sofina in disguise. 

Sofina is able to capture the whole crew. However, they are able to convince Forge and her to make them enter the High Sun Games for their execution. The games were part of Sofina’s plan to lure people to the arena and cast an ancient ritual on them to turn them into zombie slaves. 

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The Good Guys Win! 

The High Sun Games required Edgin and his team to make their way across a maze full of monsters and perils in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves. These monsters could kill participants in seconds! To make matters worse, Doric and Simon had to wear anti-magic bangles that prevented them from using their powers. 

Fortunately, Doric managed to get her bracelet off and found an escape route for the whole group. They find Forge’s boat, which contains all his treasures! However, Forge arrives at the boat with Kira and threatens her to make Edgin give up the treasure up. 

Holga throws a potato at Forge’s head, taking him by surprise and giving the team a chance to save Kira. So, the whole party is able to escape with all the riches as well as the Tablet of Reawakening in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves.

Taking Down Sofina and Holga’s Death

Forge planned to leave Neverwinter to escape from Sofina, who planned to turn all the citizens into zombie soldiers in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves. Although the crew managed to escape Neverwinter, Edgin could not leave the citizens to become slaves of the evil sorceress. So, he decided to return and defeat Sofina. 

Before going back to fight Sofina, Edgin opens a portal that connects the boat to an air balloon flying over the city. He then uses it to drop the treasure from the sky to lure the Neverwinter citizens away from Sofina’s arena, the epicenter of her spell. Additionally, it would also fulfill his promise to Xenk to share the treasure with others. 

As her plan fails, Sofina attacks Edgin and the team during the finale of Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves. Her strong magic would have destroyed them if it wasn’t for Simon’s powerful skills. After getting hit by her spell, they pretend to be affected. However, Simon had successfully negated it, and they used this deception to put a magic-negating bangle on her. Then, Doric transforms into an Owlbear and pummels her. 

Unfortunately, during this whole encounter, Holga dies from a Red Wizard’s blade in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves ending. This is when Edgin uses the Tablet to bring her back to life instead of his wife! 

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So, Holga returns from the dead and Sofina, the evil sorceress, is also dead. Her death allows Neverwinter’s true Lord to awaken. The Lord appreciates Edgin and his team and names them heroes of the city. 

All in all, the whole team ends up happily together, and they are ready to embark on more exciting adventures together in Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves ending. As for Forge, he is locked up in the same prison where Edgin and Holga were initially locked up. He tries to use the same technique as the spectacular duo to escape but fails in his attempt!


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