Who is Dave Hollis Girlfriend? Is She Heidi Powell?

Dave Hollis girlfriend and details about his partner of the late former Disney Distribution Chief are now surfacing. The 47 years, Dave has left behind his children, parents, and his lover Heidi Powell. Apart from fans searching about Dave Hollis cause of death, the world is now eager to know updates on Dave Hollis girlfriend. As Dave passed away on 11th February in his Austin home, the family, including Dave Hollis girlfriend, is grieving the loss. Dave is popular for his successful projects, such as the Star Wars franchise, Black Panther, and other Marvel movies. But Dave Hollis girlfriend is not unknown to fame.

When Dave and Heidi met, they dreamt about having a future together. However, their dreams left shattered after the sudden death of the podcast presenter and author. So, who was Dave Hollis girlfriend? What does she do? All the details of Dave Hollis girlfriend are stated right here.

Who Is Dave Hollis Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Powell

Dave Hollis girlfriend, Heidi Powell, is a 40-year-old fitness trainer who is also a media personality and personal coach. Powell is a Flagstaff, Arizona, born who was welcomed on 28th March 1982. Heidi was previously married to Chris Powell, and the former duo gained online fame after they started their digital platform Transform with Chris and Heidi. Chris was also a fellow fitness trainer and host of Extreme Weight Loss. After the couple spent a decade together and had two children, they chose to separate in May 2020.

Who Is Dave Hollis Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Powell
Who Is Dave Hollis Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Powell

However, during her relationship with Chris, the future Dave Hollis girlfriend became extremely successful. She is a regular part of many shows, such as the ABC show, Extreme Weight Loss, Good Morning America, and The Dr. Oz Show. With over two decades of experience, she has even introduced her personal development courses.

Heidi is also a reputed writer who has co-written the book Choose More Lose More, for Life which was New York Times bestselling book. The success of Heidi made her financially independent. However, she wanted to have a loving partner, and being Dave Hollis girlfriend did fill in that gap.

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The Love Story of Dave Hollis and Heidi Powell

After Dave’s sudden demise, Heidi hasn’t spoken out openly. We understand how difficult it can be to process emotions at such crucial times. Heidi Powell became Dave Hollis girlfriend after the duo first met in the year 2020. The soon-to-be Dave Hollis girlfriend came as a guest on Dave’s podcast. As a matter of fact, Dave was also the husband of Rachael Hollis, with whom he has three children.

Dave Hollis Children
Dave Hollis Children

They are namely Jackson, Ford, Sawyer, and Noah. However, after the divorce, Dave was struggling to express his emotions. And when he was having a candid conversation about the same with Heidi, Dave felt as if, for the first time, his feelings were normalized. Moreover, Dave Hollis girlfriend, Heidi, also listened to his experiences without judging him. This further strengthened their bond.

Soon after their podcast session, the couple started texting and talking over voice messages. Then Dave asked Heidi out on a dinner date. The former Disney executive was also new to the game of dating since he hasn’t been in the dating world for over 20 years.

However, Dave Hollis girlfriend first walked past the door, and the duo sat and spoke their heart out for over three years. Dave Hollis girlfriend was surely smitten by him, and so their relationship grew so strong at such an early stage. In fact, Dave also shared his relationship updates to officially confirm it.

Dave Hollis girlfriend, Heidi Powell, is yet to post anything about her late boyfriend. But for now, she needs space to deal with the grief. We hope she finds the strength to come out of these difficult times. Our condolences are with Dave’s family and loved ones.

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