Who is Zuri Hall Dating? Is She Dating Travis Kelce in Real Life?

Who is Zuri Hall dating: The Super Bowl Sunday has made more people curious about the relationship status of Travis Kelce. Is he single? Or is he dating? The web is swarmed with questions like this. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about his personal life. As the rumors about Kelce’s dating life surfaced on the web, many people also questioned Zuri Hall’s dating life. So, is this true that Kelce and Hall are dating? 

Who is Zuri Hall dating? 

Zuri Hall makes no official statements regarding her dating Kelce. However, because of the rumors, many have started believing this news. You must be wondering why. This is because Travis Kelce has broken up with his girlfriend, Nicole. Some sources which follow them closely reported that Nicole unfollowed Kelce on social media when the rumors about Kelce and Zuri Hall started spreading. 

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According to a video, Kelce and Zuri Hall were spotted in the same room. This is what sparked the rumors. 

Who is Zuri Hall Dating? Is She Dating Travis Kelce in Real Life?
Who is Zuri Hall Dating? Is She Dating Travis Kelce in Real Life?

The news about Zuri Hall dating Travis Kelce is not out in the open. However, we are entirely sure about the fact that Kelce is single at the moment. He confirmed this in an interview. That in 2023; he is not bound to any relationship. We’ll indeed be seeing a lot of Kelce in the upcoming days. Other than this rumor, Travis Kelce cleared the stories about his past relationship with Nicole. He assured the fans that the reason for his breakup, which is currently making waves are, all fake. 

What about Zuri Hall? Did she deny any rumors of her dating Kelce? Well, we don’t have any such statements from her side. This is either because they do not want to publicize their relationship at the moment. Or celebrities are prone to rumors about their love lives. So, for now, we can wait for them to speak up on the matter. With that being said, that was everything relevant regarding Who is Zuri Hall dating? For more information, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 

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