What Is Dirty Jobs Season 10 Air Date?

Dirty Jobs Season 10 will have its release in January 2023.

Get ready with Mike Rowe to board again on some unsung realities returning on Dirty Jobs Season 10 on Discovery. Yes, the American reality shows Dirty Jobs is already on its way to premiere soon, as Discovery has already announced that the show will have its release in the first month of 2023. Running on the screen since 2003, the show has become a grand trademark of the appreciation for the menial works, resultantly gaining big approval for itself among the audience, as per Discovery.

The series Dirty Jobs, an iconic reality show, is being produced by “Pilgrims Films and Television.” On the ground of its content’s linearity, the series mainly focuses on the jobs that majorly aid in the USA’s (or any state’s) civilized life.

This time the Dirty Jobs Season 10 is bringing what? Want to know some details_ don’t worry; the article will intend to present them, down to this floor. So keep reading! 

Is Discovery Renewing the Series Dirty Jobs Season 10?

Yes, the news is no more a probablity_as the series Dirty Jobs has already been updated with the premiere in January 2023. As per Discovery, Mike Rowe, starring in the series, appreciatively came to terms with the series’ renewal news. The site notes Rowe’s pleasant expressions related to both his and the show’s return on Discovery:

“When asked to comment on the return of this iconic series, Mike quoted The Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out,” he joked, “they pulled me back in! Actually, I’ve been flattered over the last year by hundreds of letters from loyal fans urging me to reboot the series, and I’m excited and honored to introduce the country to a new batch of hardworking Americans who aren’t afraid to get dirty. Also, I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year.”

Is Discovery Renewing the Series Dirty Jobs Season 10?
Is Discovery Renewing the Series Dirty Jobs Season 10?

Well, Rowe is not the only one with the excitement for Dirty Jobs Season 10. Rather, the Discovery newsroom also shares how the Chief Brand Officer Nancy Daniels (Discovery and Factual) considers the theme of the show and is excited, too, to see

“… a whole new generation of viewers to see Mike take on some pretty wild jobs that are messy as they get,” “This series is more than just doing a tough job. It’s about shining a spotlight on those who make an impact in our lives without many of us even knowing it.”

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What the 2023 Dirty Jobs Season 10 Will Be About?

Alright, right on time to ask what new excitements and pressures will the show Dirty Jobs Season 10 be aligned with within its timeline. As per Discovery’s release, this time, Mike Rowe will be assigned to perform the jobs, which will include:

  • To work with the hard workers performing in the construction of America’s infrastructure.
  • To work with the rodbusters while working under the complicated conditions of high temperatures and effort to “… twist, mold and fabricate the iron framework to secure…” the nation’s “superstructures.”
  • To remove rust by galvanizing the infrastructural steel in a zinc bath with a temperature of 850 degrees.
  • Also, “Mike will also lend a hand to those on the frontlines protecting the nation from invasions, even if it involves glowing scorpions or destructive iguanas.”
What the 2023 Dirty Jobs Season 10 Will Be About?
What the 2023 Dirty Jobs Season 10 Will Be About?

Where to watch the All-new 10th Season of Dirty Jobs?

The nearly two decades-long American series Dirty Jobs will be available on Discovery channel. Alongside Discovery, the audience will also have an opportunity to stream Dirty Jobs Season 10 on Discovery+, as well.

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The Release Date for Dirty Jobs Season 10– No More of Speculations

No speculations at all. The official news about the premiere of Dirty Jobs Season Ten has already taken its release right from Discovery’s newsroom. Therefore, people will be enjoying the new season, starting on 2nd January at 8 PM ET/PT, on Discovery. So are you ready to hold on to the slot? 

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