American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

American Horror Story Season 12 will be renewed on FX!

The series American Horror Story, an anthology of horror fiction, holds a chance to be renewed. As per Screen Rant, the media partner FX previously announced the news about American Horror Story’s continuation until the 13th season in 2020. Recently, the series has run its Season 11, which ended on November 16, 2022. All through this time, since 2011, this American horror fiction has achieved a long precedent history of seasons: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse, 1984, Double Feature, and New York City. Meanwhile, presenting each season with a new storyline on its set, for every time, creates suspense, horror, and tremendous impacts deep down to disturb one’s peace.

This horrific creation of American Horror Story came as a co-product of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Murphy and Brad are also serving as executive producers to date. Alongside them, the series has been executive produced by Dante Di Loreto, Tim Minear, James Wong, Jennifer Salt, Bradley Buecker, Alexis Martin Woodall, Crystal Liu, Adam Penn, and John J. Gray to the present. Meanwhile, Sarah Paulson and Manny Coto served the same job only for American Horror Story Season 10. Considering this consistent list of executive producers, except the two Paulson and Coto, American Horror Story Season 12 can be expected to return with the same team on set, performing for this years-long production.

Based on the previous analysis of the series, the article presents some critical considerations that would indeed be affecting or significant for American Horror Story Season 12.

Will there be an American Horror Story Season 12?

Yes, the series American Horror Story will return with Season 12, possibly in the next year, as expected. Since its first debut, American Horror Story has been under critical consideration for both its negative and positive aspects. Accordingly, whenever Season 12 happens, all the elements will somehow influence its new plot and its expectations. Let’s check those critical considerations that may allow the audience to rethink the unique plot and place their low or high expectations up to the scenario.

Will there be an American Horror Story Season 12?
Will there be an American Horror Story Season 12?

Observing the “Previous and Present” Scenario for the American Horror Story Season 12

Previous Ratings- Seemingly a Great Possibility for American Horror Story Season 12

Observingly, the series American Horror Story has been up to the record of continuous and moderate success throughout its years-long horror journey. For instance, the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, except for the Hotel Season, notes an average percentage rating for all the seasons, from the 70s to 80s.

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Additionally, the 1984 Season of American Horror Story received the series’ highest rating, up to 88% (based on 170 reviews). However, compared to the last NYC Season, it still stands back in the line. The NYC Season received 83% of ratings based on only six reviews. Reading such facts may sound like the series will profoundly affect the expectations for American Horror Story Season 12.

Well, other conditions may generate a substantial impact on the new possibilities. Instead, there stand some different critical strains in the series. Let’s check them down!

Previous Critical Receptions: A Fluctuating and a Possible Success for American Horror Story Season 12

Now commencing on the above discussion, it seems American Horror Story stands high in the previous ratings. However, getting improved in the tenth season, “Double Feature,” the series has been under severe criticism for its overly done presentation in the earliest seasons. For example, Tim Goodman (from The Hollywood Reporter) critiqued the very first plot, “Murder House,” as such:

“You don’t need to be a genius to know the high threat level in that house. And that’s the primary problem with American Horror Story, which was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and had numerous other problems that make little to no sense.”

This is not the end; the same plot comes to another critic’s hands, Brian Lowry (from Variety), who observantly critiques the plot for the loose loops it holds. As he says:

“The main problem with a haunted-house series is making things scary without becoming so alarming the family flees screaming into the night in episode one. A second hour, however, rather than offering clarity or reassurance, only reinforces these doubts.”

Similarly, the third season of American Horror Story: Coven also BURST OUT with the problem underlying its plot. As Emily St. James, from AV CLUB, critiques in her review:

“The problem with Coven, then, is that it kept adding stuff to the core, and it destabilized everything so that even the crazy stuff stopped being fun and just got sort of boring.”

Considering the above critical considerations, though, that has been improved much in the 10th season. Still, American Horror Story Season 12 demands to be created with a maintained horrific storyline along with high performances from the characters.

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The Plot-Theme Expectations for American Horror Story Season 12

Since there has yet to be any official news about the American Horror Story Season 12 plot and theme. Therefore it will be an early guess to speculate the new plot with a new thematic concern. However, Jordan Williams writes for Screen Rant that the series may bring those thematic schemes in the 12th season, which Murphy introduced previously on a social media poll in April 2021. For instance, “… Sirens, Bloody Mary, Aliens, Christmas Horror, and Piggy Man”. He further anticipates that:

The Plot-Theme Expectations for American Horror Story Season 12
The Plot-Theme Expectations for American Horror Story Season 12

“Considering aliens appeared in American Horror Story season 10, Bloody Mary and Christmas Horror had their episodes in American Horror Stories, and the Plague theme somewhat applied to American Horror Story season 11, it seems that Sirens and Piggy Man are still on the table.”

The Release Date for American Horror Story Season 12

The American Horror Story series ended its 11th season in New York City on November 16, 2022. Moreover, the official site of FX and the creators Murphy and Falchuk have yet to make any renewal news. Therefore it is earlier to speculate a release date for American Horror Story Season 12. Alongside this uncertainty, Jordan Williams (from Screen Rant) still expects the series’ renewal for Season 12 in the Fall of the following year. However, this is only speculation, and we still have to look forward to the official updates about American Horror Story Season 12.

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The Release Date for American Horror Story Season 12
The Release Date for American Horror Story Season 12
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