Brightburn 2 Is Set to Be Released in 2022, With a Release Date Confirmed

Brightburn is a 2019 American superhero movie that was directed by David Yarovesky and written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn. The movie was produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

The budget of the movie was close to $6-12 million and it managed to make a box office collection of $32.9 million. After the success of Brightburn, it was decided that the audiences will also be able to enjoy Brightburn 2. Just like the previous movie, Brightburn 2 will be a horror movie too.  ​​Brightburn 2 will be a superhero film. 

Brightburn 2 Release Date 

Even though it is confirmed that Brightburn 2 will be released, the exact release date of Brightburn 2 in the theater is not yet confirmed. It is because James Gunn who will be producing Brightburn 2 is currently working in the production of The Suicide Squad too, after which he will be able to provide his attention to ​​Brightburn 2. However, it is expected that Brightburn 2 will be released somewhere in mid-2022. 

Brightburn 2 Plot

The exact plot of Brightburn 2 is still not known, however, information was drawn from the credit view with the help of clips. It is expected that in Brightburn 2, Brandon will be seen engaging in damaging actions with his powers.

According to sources, Brandon will be seen murdering a large group of people as well as destroying the structures. The movie is the opposite of a superman film. The entire plot of the movie will be clear, once the trailer of the movie is out. 

Brightburn 2 Is Set to Be Released in 2022, With a Release Date Confirmed
Brightburn 2 Is Set to Be Released in 2022, With a Release Date Confirmed

The plot of Brightburn 2 can be predicted by analyzing the storyline of Brightburn. The previous film of the series revolved around Brandon Breyer, who is a son of an alien named Bright and a human woman. In the initial part of the movie, he is shown as an ordinary boy, who is often bullied by his peers at the school, and also, he is shown very close to his father, Hal.

Brandon as he grows comes to know about his superpower, which he starts using for defending himself and to punish those who have bullied him. Even though he was previously unknown to his alien nature, he discovers it later and begins to question his humanity.

He then decides that he no longer wants to be a human and rejects his human side and starts terrorizing his hometown and even making plans for global destruction. Most probably, Brightburn 2 will pick the story from the ending of its prequel. 

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Brightburn 2 Cast

In Brightburn 2, Abraham Clinkscales will be seen playing the role of Royce, Elizabeth Banks will be playing Tori Breyer, Jennifer Holland will be seen as Ms. Espenschied, Jackson A. Dunn will be seen playing the role of Brandon Breyer. Further, Meredith Hagner will be seen as Merilee McNichol, David Denman will be seen as Kyle Breyer and finally, Matt Jones will be seen playing the role of Noah McNichol. 

Brightburn 2: Trailer 

The trailer of Brightburn 2 is still not out. This section will be updated once the trailer of Brightburn 2 is officially announced. 

Brightburn 2 Additional Information 

Rarovesky in an interview with Collider confirmed that the film’s credits have made references to the upcoming Brightburn 2. Further, it is being commended that if Brightburn universe needs to be expanded in other installments, the same will be done in total secrecy which will be followed by a drop of a cinematic trailer.

The confirmation of Brightburn 2 was done by James Gunn back in June 2019. However, later he became busy writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and The Suicide Squad

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