Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Release Date, Cast plot and Trailer

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is on its way to excite the fans of Star Wars. The upcoming film, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is directed by Patty Jenkins. The plot of the movies will be such that the viewers will be able to witness straighter pilots earning their wings and putting their lives in danger while diving into the future of the galaxy at a high speed.

The genre of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron belongs to action, adventure, fantasy, and drama films. The story of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is written by George Lucas and produced by Kathleen Kennedy. Interestingly, Patty Jenkins by directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will become the first woman to direct a Star War film.

The Star Wars fan had to face a long wait since the last movie was launched and now the wait is over as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron joins the franchise. 

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Release Date

After Disney purchased Lucasfilm and bought The Force Awakens in 2015, there was a long break and The Rise of Skywalker came into the picture in 2019, and then again, a long break followed. The break will be finally over with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

The officially announced date of release of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is December 22, 2023, Friday. It will be a Christmas treat for many. According to sources, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will be exclusively available in theaters on the initial day with no streaming in any OTT platforms including DIsney+. However, after 45 days of the release of the movie in the theater, it might be available on different platforms. 

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Cast

The only information is available on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is that the movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who is known for working on Wonder Woman. Matthew Robins will be the one who will be penning the screenplay and Kathleen Kennedy will produce Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

Apart from that, nothing is yet known about the cast members. However, one might expect to see familiar faces in the movie. It is only after the script is written, then one can decide the cast who will be involving themselves in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. 

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Plot

The script of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is still not finished and therefore, the plot of the movie is not yet clearly known. However, according to sources Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will throw light on the fighter pilots of the squadrons.

This is the same group of pilots that gained popularity in the book series of the Star Wars during the pre-Disney days. Also, it is believed that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will be starring new pilots who will be on their journey to experience the future era of the Star Wars galaxy. 

Even though Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will be based on an original story, it will be borrowing pieces from both the books and games. It is also believed that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will continue the trilogy of Star Wars sequels taking place during, before, and after the era of New Republic. 

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: Trailer 

The production of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has not yet started and therefore, the trailer of the movie is still not available. Once the script is written, the casts are decided and the production of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is finished, that one will be able to watch the trailer of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

However, it needs to be noted that an announcement video was released on Twitter showcasing a discussion done by Patty Jenkins regarding the movie. 

Previously, all these Star Wars movies have performed brilliantly at the box office making big money but still, the movies were not positively received by all the audiences and this resulted in a slow down of releases of the subsequent movies.

It would be interesting to see if Star Wars: Rogue Squadron manages to change that. After The Rise of Skywalker hit the theater in December 2019, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is already ready to release in December 2023. 

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