Windfall,’ a Netflix Thriller Starring Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons, Has Been Announced

Windfall is a psychological thriller movie that will be soon released on Netflix. The movie is directed by Charlie McDowell and written by Justin Lader, Charlie McDowell, and Jason Segel. McDowell has previously directed popular films and series like Silicon Valley, Dear White People, and Legion.

The genre of the movie is crime, drama, and thriller and it comes with the tagline, “Every Kidnap is a Compromise”. The production companies of Windfall are High-Frequency Entertainment and Mutressa Movies. The filming of the movie took place in Ojai, California, USA and the country of origin of the movie is the United States. The runtime of Windfall is 1 hour 32 minutes. 

Windfall Release Date 

In July of 2021, an announcement was made regarding the acquisition of a deal with McDowell and now in February, it is finally announced that Windfall, directed by Charlie McDowell will be released on March 18, 2022. According to sources, Netflix acquired the streaming right of the movie by paying an eight-figure for the feature. 

Windfall Casts

Windfall will be starring Jason Segal, Lilly Collins, Jesse Plemons, and Omar Leyva. The music in the movie is by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans. The cinematography is by Isiah Donte Lee and the film is edited by David Marks.

It needs to be noted that Lilly Collins recently earned quite a fame from her recent role in the series titled Emily in Paris. Jesse Plemons was earlier seen in Break Bad, Fargo, and Blank Mirror and once can remember Omar Leyva from his role in Grey’s Anatomy, Icebox, and McFarland. 


Windfall Teaser 

The teaser ​​ is already out and it throws insight into the film. The teaser shows Segel’s character robbing a vacation home of a tech billionaire and his wife. The trailer indicates that the stakes are high for his kidnapping act while at the same time making enough room for comedy in the crime film.

For instance, in the trailer, it can be seen that Segel is having a hard time opening the purse from where he is planning to steal and further, he is seen taking advice on his ransom demand from his victims. Omar Leyva as a character in the movie can be seen posing hurdles in the robbery carried out by Segel.

In addition to that, the trailer also throws light on the high stakes of kidnapping and also, unjust societal drama giving a new twist to the noir genre. 

Windfall Plot 

The plot of the movie can be guessed quite a bit from the trailer of it. For instance, it is visible that Segel’s character breaks into the vacation home of Plemons and Collins, a wealthy couple, and holds them hostage to get money.

The arrogance of the Plemons’ character is seen in the movie along with an underlying tension between the husband and wife. Also, it is known that there is a history between the characters of Plemons and Segel. What starts with a comedy-drama, in the beginning, can be seen taking a violent turn in the latter half of the movie. 

Windfall Additional Details 

The movie will be streamed on Netflix in English. The movie was filmed in Ojai, California, USA, and is 1 hour and 32 minutes long. High-Frequency Entertainment and Mutressa Movies are the production companies of the movie. The sound mix is by Dolby Digital and the aspect ratio of the movie is 2.39: 1.

The production design of the movie is by Andrew Clark, set decoration by Elizabeth Goldsby and the costume design is by Megan Gray. The movie will be released on Netflix in Indonesia, India, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, and the USA on 18 March 2022. The original title of the movie is Windfall. However, in Brazil, it will be named Sorte de Quem? And in Poland, the title of the movie is Prezent od Iosu. 

Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam
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