Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirmed for Bad Boys 4

Will Smith has recently confirmed Bad Boys 4, after a year he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. The video of the same went viral. Furthermore, it jeopardized the future of Will Smith in Hollywood. It was especially true for Bad Boys 4, which was already in development then. Smith was recently seen in Emancipation playing a lead role, so the recent confirmation of Bad Boys 4 is not surprising for many. Remember, Will Smith received a fair deal of backlash; however, with the forthcoming film, he might improve his image again. 

When Was Bad Boys 4 Announced?

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Will Smith announced Bad Boys 4 on an Instagram video two days ago with the caption, “It’s about that time!”. The video received 5.6 million views and over 18.8k comments within hours after the announcement. In the video, he also delivered the famous catchphrase of the franchise, “bad boys for life.” 

In the video, Will Smith was driving to Lawrence’s home. Additionally, in the background of the videos, one could hear the soundtrack of Bad Boys II by Murphy Lee, Nelly, and P Diddy. 

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirmed for Bad Boys 4
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirmed for Bad Boys 4

Once Will Smith reached Lawrence’s home, the duo announced that the movie was officially on its way. A joke further followed the announcement. 

More About Bad Boys 

Currently, Bad Boys 4 is untitled. Previously, Martin Lawrence, in an interview, stated that Will Smith has at least one movie in the pipeline. The franchise started back in 1995 and till now, has produced two sequels with Smith. All three films have together generated a revenue of $840 million at the box office. 

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Also, it needs to be noted that when Lawrence was asked about the future of Bad Boys 4 following the slapping incident involving Will Smith, he dismissed the speculation regarding the movie’s cancellation. 

The franchise’s latest movie follows Mile Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) as old-school cops who take down the leader of a drug cartel. The film was an instant success which paved the way for Bad Boys 4. 

Bad Boys 4: Which Stage Is The Movie In?

According to Sony Pictures, Bad Boys 4 is currently in its pre-production stage. The movie is currently untitled, and it was first announced in 2020. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will return as the directors of the upcoming film. Previously, both of them received awards for directing, “Ms. Marvel.” Chris Bremmer is the scriptwriter. 

Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, Doug Belgrad, and Chad Oman will serve as the producers for Bad Boys 4. The executive producers of the movies are Mike Stenson, Lawrence, James Lassiter, Jon Mone, and Barry Waldman. 

As discussed above, Bad Boys 4 was officially announced in January 2020. Chris Bremner was assigned the task of writing the script for the same. Later, Will Smith received a 40 pages in-progress script of Bad Boys 4 before the Oscar incident. However, the makers put the movie on hold after the slapping incident. Sony did not comment on the future of the franchise then. 

Bad Boys 4 Might Help Will Smith To Bring Back His Career To Full Swing 

After the slapping scene, Smith was thrown out of multiple projects. However, he did receive appreciation for his role in Emancipation. Many thought he would earn an Oscar for it; however, he was left without a single nomination. Later, he worked on Brilliance, a sci-fi thriller. With the upcoming movie, Will Smith will finally have a blockbuster-scale production. 

Are you still a fan of Will Smith? Are you excited to watch Bad Boys 4 when it hits the screen? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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