Bad Boys 4 Cast: Everything You Must Know

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are returning with Bad Boys 4 as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnette. Keep reading to know about Bad Boys 4 Cast and more. To begin with, the Bad Boys franchise started back in 1995; Michael Bay directed the movie. The film’s budget was a mere $19 million, but the box office collection was more than $140 million. The sequel of the movie then entered after eight years. The third series of the franchise came 17 years after the original film. Now, we will soon have Bad Boys 4. Lawrence and Smith confirmed the same on Instagram. 

Bad Boys 4: Release Date

Before discussing Bad Boys 4 Cast, let us look at the movie’s release date. Firstly, even though Bad Boys 4 is confirmed, there has yet to be an official release date. Smith and Lawrence confirmed the movie on January 31. 

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirmed for Bad Boys 4

Also, we know that the movie’s filming is yet to begin. Currently, the movie is in the pre-production stage. The expected release date of the film is late 2024 or early 2025. We will confirm the movie’s official release date once it is announced. 

Bad Boys 4 Cast Everything You Must Know
Bad Boys 4 Cast Everything You Must Know

Bad Boys 4 Cast

The two stars of Bad Boys 4 Cast are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who will resume their role as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in the movie. 

Other Bad Boys 4 Cast who might make a return are:

  • Joe Pantoliano as Captain Conrad Howard 
  • Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett 
  • Bianca Bethune as Megan Burnett 
  • Paola Nunez as Lieutenant Rita Secada 
  • Jacon Scipio as Armando Lowrey

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Other Bad Boys 4 Cast who might return are Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton, and Alexander Ludwig. However, many sources indicate that Joe Pantoliana will not return in Bad Boys 4 as Captain Conrad Howard was murdered in the third movie. We also expect to see many new faces in the upcoming movie. However, the same will depend on the plot of the film. 

Please note that Bad Boys 4 Cast listed above is not officially confirmed. We will update this section after the makers officially announce Bad Boys 4 Cast.

What is Bad Boys 4 About?

The synopsis or the official plot of Bad Boys 4 is not out yet. However, the movie will follow the adventure of Mike and Marcus again with a new AMMO case. Furthermore, we might see Mike trying to work out his relationship with Armando. We will better understand the movie’s plot once the cast interviews begin. 

Is There A Trailer For Bad Boys 4?

There has yet to be a trailer for Bad Boys 4, just like no announcement regarding Bad Boys 4 Cast. The movie’s filming is yet to begin; therefore, it is impossible to have a trailer. After the movie’s filming, we can expect a trailer two to three months later. Please keep checking this space because we will update it as soon as a movie trailer is available. 

What Is The Title Of Bad Boys 4?

Bad Boys 4 does not have an official title at the time of writing. However, we will share the title with you after an official announcement. The third movie of the franchise was titled Bad Boys For Life. During the recent announcement of Bad Boys 4, Will Smith joked that they should have reserved the previous title for Bad Boys 4. 

That’s all we know about Bad Boys 4 casts and the movie. We will keep updating this page with more information as they come in. Therefore, remember to keep visiting us.

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