Who was Angela Thorne And What is Angela Thorne Cause of Death?

The fans want to know Angela Thorne’s cause of death. With her tragic demise this weekend, her death has left the fans saddened. Her immense contributions to the entertainment and acting industry have left an irreplaceable mark. Her charms have garnered her huge attention and fans throughout the years. These fans are curious to know Angela Thorne’s cause of death. 

Angela Thorne Cause of Death

The death of Angela Thorne received confirmation when her family announced it in a statement. The family confirmed the tragic news of her passing away on Monday, the 19th of June after she passed away on Friday, the 16th of June. The family reveals that she died peacefully in her home at the age of 84. Angela Thorne’s cause of death appears to be old age. The statement regarding her death was put out by her son Rupert. He also went on to say that the family will miss Angela very much and will always remember her in their memories. 

Tributes Paid to Angela Thorne

In the wake of Angela’s passing, heartfelt tributes have poured in as people express their admiration and respect for her. Social media has been abuzz with users labelling her as a ‘special star’, acknowledging her immense talent and contributions.

Renowned radio personality Matthew Rudd, in paying homage to Angela, elevated her to the status of a ‘proper sitcom legend.’ In his tribute, he emphasized that her role in ‘Farrington Of The FO’ deserved much more recognition and acclaim than it received.

One individual, who had been an ardent follower of Angela’s work for many years, expressed their deep affection, describing her as a delightful person. They fondly remembered the pleasure they derived from watching her performances.

Another tribute resonated with the sentiment that the world of acting had lost another exceptional talent. The statement emphasized the impact Angela had made on the stage and how her departure left a void in the industry.

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Who was Angela Thorne And What is Angela Thorne Cause of Death?
Who was Angela Thorne And What is Angela Thorne’s Cause of Death?

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Who Is Angela Thorne?

Angela, who was born in Karachi, British India, in 1939, came into our world. She made the important step to England at the young age of five, starting a new chapter in her life.

She was given a scholarship and trained at the famed Guildhall School of Music and Drama as a result of her love for performing. She performed on stage in numerous repertory seasons after completing her training, polishing her skill, and showing her abilities.

Angela played prominent roles in a number of productions throughout her time on screen. She made guest appearances in the compelling police thriller Heartbeat, the BBC One sitcom Three Up, Two Down, and the drama series Elizabeth R, which starred the late Glenda Jackson. Notably, she co-starred with David Jason as the Queen of England in the 1989 animated film adaption of The BFG by Roald Dahl.

She played Marjory, Audrey’s devoted friend, in The Manor Born, which is one of her most well-known performances. The culmination of Marjory and Richard’s love-hate relationship was their marriage in 1981, at the conclusion of the three seasons of the show. For a one-time Christmas television special in 2007 and a 10-episode radio series in 1997, Angela returned to the iconic role of Marjory.

In a stage version of the dark comedy The Ladykillers directed by Alexander Mackendrick, Angela wowed the audience in 2013. She shared the screen with John Gordon Sinclair from Gregory’s Girl, Simon Day from Grass and Ralf Little from Death in Paradise.

Angela’s personal life intertwined with her professional endeavours. In 1967, she married Peter Penry-Jones, a well-known television personality from Cardiff. Rupert and Laurence, the couple’s twin sons, were born. Tragically, Peter lost his fight with colon cancer in 2009 and died. Even in a few To the Manor Born episodes, they appeared on the same screen.

In 2010, as contestants on BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Angela and her son Rupert set off on a poignant adventure. They unearthed William, Angela’s father, who served with the Indian Medical Corps during the 1944 Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy and made vital wartime contributions throughout the programme.

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