Amphibia Season 4 Updates about Release Date

Fans of Amphibia are waiting for only one thing – Amphibia season 4. Amphibia is an animated television series that was created by Matt Braly. It is a Disney Channel series. Hence, it has a greater audience of children. 

Amphibia’s third season has aired, and now fans are excited about Amphibia season 4. The series is loved by the audience and hence has gained a lot of popularity. 

Season 4 is rightly awaited by the people since they have enjoyed the previous seasons too much!

It should have been released by now, or some kind of information about it should have been published. However, we fail to see any news about season 4. 

In this article, we will give you all the information about Amphibia season 4 and its release date. 

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The release date for Amphibia season 4


Fans are looking forward to hearing some news about season 4. However, there is no news from Disney’s side about the new season. 

Fans have started looking at the final episode schedule and release date of Amphibia season 4. However, after looking at that, it is clear that the show will not be revived for season 4. 

At the moment, it is canceled. Sorry for the disappointment, folks; we are as devastated as you are!

The previous season of Amphibia 

As fans want to watch it, let’s see what happened in the previous season of the show. The third season shows Anne being transported from Amphibia to Los Angeles along with the planters. 

In Los Angeles, they must learn how to live in the modern world and navigate through it. Furthermore, they have to hide from everyone around them that they are a talking frog family and need to find a way back home. 

A Christmas special was also aired for the third season of Amphibia. Season three of Amphibia was aired in June 2021. It has since then reviewed more than 107 million views on the YouTube channel of Disney. 

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Furthermore, it is ranked as the third top cable series for children aged six to eight years. Imagine how successful will it be. 

The Cast of Amphibia Season 4


According to sources Amphibia, season 4 has been canceled. However, if it had been revived, it would have had the same cast as the previous seasons. 

The cast of Amphibia season 3 was as the following:

  • Brenda Song
  • Justin Felbinger
  • Anna Akana
  • Amanda Leighton
  • Bill Farmer 
  • Dee Bradley Baker 
  • Haley Tju
  • Keith David
  • Troy Baker

Everyone is hoping for a revival of season 4 so that they can see this amazing cast again. However, the chances for this to happen are quite slim.

Hence, fans are devastated to hear that Amphibia will not be returning for Amphibia season 4. The show had been going strong for the past three years, and everyone was hoping to see it.

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