All The Old Knives Latest Trailer, Release Date, Cast

All The Old Knives has just released its trailer and fans can’t help but fall in love with Chris Pine’s new character! The upcoming spy thriller is directed by Janus Metz and stars some of the biggest names in the industry! It deals with a huge conspiracy theory which may break some hearts or bring them together! You can find out all the latest details about All The Old Knives including its latest trailer down below.

All the Old Knives Release Date


All the Old Knives is going to be available on Amazon Prime! The official release date is April 8,2022. Additionally, the movie will also premiere in a few cinemas in the U.S but a global theater release is currently off the table. 

All release date was announced in a poster which doesn’t give away much. It only includes the launch date and the cast. 

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All The Old Knives brings together some of the biggest names in the industry to give fans a blockbuster movie. It includes the following stars,

  • Chris Pine as Henry Pelham
  • Thandiwe Newton as Celia Harrison 
  • David Badella as Drew Favreau 
  • Ahd Kamel as Laila Maroof
  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Colin Stinton
  • Jonathan Pryce
  • Corey Johnson 
  • Gala Gordon

All The Old Knives Trailer

The trailer for All The Old Knives has just come out. It features mystery, romance, betrayals and difficult decisions.

The trailer focuses on Henry Pelham and Celia Harrison’s relationship. He must discover the mole in his team and it may just turn out to be his ex lover. Or should we say current lovers based on their chemistry? 

Check official trailer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will All The Old Knives premiere on Netflix? 

As of yet, there is no news of All The Old Knives debuting on any other streaming platforms apart from Amazon Prime. 

What happens to Flight 127?

Flight 127 is hijacked by terrorists and 100 passengers are killed. The CIA suspects that there is a mole in their team that leaked confidential information to the terrorists. Now, its Henry Pelham’s job to uncover the truth. 

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Are All the Old Knives based on a book?

Yes, the movie is based on Olen Steinbhauer’s book. He has also written the screenplay for the movie.

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