6 Online Entertainment for Gamers

There are plenty of ways for gamers to find online entertainment besides just playing their favorite video games. In fact, we live in a golden age of entertainment, where people can truly branch out or go down niche rabbit holes as they look to find the most exciting things to do that suit their personality and interests.

There are some obvious forms of entertainment for gamers. For instance, a membership at a casino can allow you to play a huge variety of different games, from poker to slots or bingo. Mr. Q Casino is one of the brands that can provide you with a huge number of options, and lots of gamers enjoy the thrill of this kind of casino gambling.

There are plenty of other forms of Online Entertainment for gamers to enjoy, and we’ve explored some of the most popular below. 


This is a natural next step for those who love gaming. What better for a gamer than watching people play games? There are celebrity gamers and professional gamers who have built up followers in the millions and regularly see crazy figures of people watching their streams on Twitch. This just goes to show what a massive industry it is.

Some people are even making a living on the Twitch platform. For gamers, it is a great place to check out what other people are playing, get some inspiration, and even see if a game is for you before downloading or buying it. 


Loads of gamers enjoy watching esports too. There is the thrill of a competition here, and many different opportunities to watch new and exciting games you may not have tried yet.

Plenty of people even support certain teams, and watch everything they do online. Did you know that there are some online gambling platforms that allow you to gamble on esports, plus stream them in real time while the events are taking place?

Esports is big business now, and great entertainment for those who love games. 


You could go down a rabbit hole on YouTube and never run out of content to watch. YouTube is another great platform for watching gaming videos, so you can get some tips. It is also a place for you to check out live streams, and…let’s face it, just about anything you can imagine.

A lot of gamers also have an urge to make content for YouTube. For instance, you might find that you want to create some gaming videos of your own and share them. YouTube gives you a platform to do this, and if you have the skills to edit videos this can be great fun. Even if you don’t yet know how to edit, it is always fun to learn new things you can use in your daily life. In fact, there are even YouTube videos on how to edit YouTube videos!

Sporcle quizzes

Sporcle is a really cool website where you can test yourself and get lost for a few hours in the world of quizzes. Seriously, there’s a quiz about pretty much anything you can imagine. These are a great way to boost your general knowledge as well as keep yourself entertained, plus, there’s a bit of a community around Sporcle quizzes too. You may even find yourself authoring some of the quizzes on there. 

Movie streaming

You’re probably doing this already. There is so much crossover between the world of gaming and the world of movies and television. For instance, The Witcher started life as a huge game franchise and is now coming to the small screen as well.

There are some free locations to watch movies, such as ad-supported platforms. There are even full films on YouTube to watch, but popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon give you thousands of hours of watching time and near endless content. It’s hard to keep up. 


Blogging can be great fun and entertaining for those who play games, whether you choose to write about your experiences when playing games, speculate on what GTA 6 might be like if it ever gets released, or you want to talk about aspects of your daily life. A blog can be a great way to share your thoughts with the world. It’s also a social activity and a way to build your skills.

These are just a few of the examples of the forms of online entertainment that gamers will enjoy when they’re away from their consoles.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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