Will there be 1899 Season 2?

Netflix’s 1899 proved to be an instant hit for the streaming site. With all episodes dropping at the same time, the viewers were quick in binge-watching the series. Many are now waiting for the details about the second season. Which brings us to the most important question; has Netflix confirmed the renewal of 1899 Season 2? If not, then can we expect a sequel from the show creators? Well, to find out, continue reading the article.

The story was so well received because it comes from the makers of the hit series Dark! The thriller that messed with everyone’s minds. 1899 also keeps up with the same theme. Dark went on to have three seasons. So, we are hopeful that the same will be the case with 1899. But we should hold our horses and deduce from the official statements on Netflix! There are a lot of similarities between Dark and 1899. In fact, the plot is amazingly similar except for the fact that 1899 takes place in the harrowing depths of the sea.

Each episode left the audience in a state of shock. So, one can only imagine what the audience went through after watching the finale. The final scenes of the debut season will play a major role in deciding the fate of the show. After all, the story can only continue if the writers left it on a cliffhanger.

What Has Netflix Announced Regarding 1899 Season 2?

Well, to answer your question directly, we would say no; Netflix has not yet renewed the second season. And this is quite typical of the streaming site. Because it usually takes around a month or so to analyze the data and give the audience their final decision. This can also extend more than just a month. However, this happens in cases where shows with low ratings are involved. Whereas if we look at the viewership and ratings of 1899’s debut season, the records are phenomenal. So, we are hoping that in the near future, we’ll soon get to hear the good news.

What Has Netflix Announced Regarding 1899 Season 2?
What Has Netflix Announced Regarding 1899 Season 2?

We have one more good news for you! And it is directly related to the chances of a sequel happening. The creators of the show are Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The duo signed a deal with the streaming site a few years back regarding the shows. And it was one of the most expensive deals that Netflix has ever made. This secured a budget enough for 1899. As the creators have already worked with Netflix on another project, the streaming site knows about their potential. So, it is safe to say that we will soon be getting 1899 Season 2.

Naturally, as Netflix has not greenlit the show yet, there is no official release date either. But nothing to worry about. As the main bit is to get the renewal news out of them.

But if we were to predict the release date of the show. We could say that it will take around two years. Why? Because the first season took almost two years for its production. The production had to suffer a number of delays due to issues at their end. If we eliminate these problems, then who knows, we might get to see our favorite characters back on screens in 2023. But these are just speculations at the moment! Rest assured, we’ll try our best to add to this site in case of any major updates related to its renewal.

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The creators already have an idea of what could follow in the sequel. The first season’s finale did not wrap the story in a proper conclusive way. Which means that they are definitely coming back for more episodes. Now that the characters are all split up in different areas, it gives more scope for the second season to be a hit. Unfortunately, we are running low on the updates regarding 1899 Season 2!

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So, that was everything relevant that you needed to know about 1899 Season 2. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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