Influencer Yuriby Gomez dies at 23, cause of death is mysterious illness

Yuriby Gomez, the young and famous Guatemalan-born influencer known for her spectacular style and fashion tips, tragically passed away 23 on July 26, 2023. The news of her untimely death has left her fans and loved ones in deep grief and shock. The cause of Yuriby Gomez’s death remains unconfirmed, as her family awaits to share more updates about the mysterious illness she was suffering from.

Her obituary has beautifully celebrated her life and accomplishments while emphasizing the importance of mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding emotional well-being. This article will delve into more details about Yuriby Gomez’s obituary, her cause of death, and the heartwarming tributes her family, friends, and followers paid to her.

Yuriby Gomez Cause of Death

Gomez was allegedly in the hospital for several days. She was admitted to San Juan de Dios Hospital’s intensive care unit. However, her family did not share the reason for her admission.

All we know is that she suffered from “health problems” as her family urgently requested blood donations in the days before she tragically passed away.

So, Yuriby Gomez’s cause of death is not confirmed, and we will hopefully find out more about the disease that took the young fashionista’s life soon.

Following her untimely passing, several fans of Yuriby’s have filled her social media accounts with heartfelt condolence messages.

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Influencer Yuriby Gomez dies at 23, cause of death is mysterious illness
Influencer Yuriby Gomez dies at 23; the cause of death is a mysterious illness.

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Who was Yuriby Gomez?

Yuriby, born in Guatemala, had a solid online following. She gathered it by sharing her style tips and stunning outfits. Her Instagram followers neared 100,000, and she also had thousands of followers on TikTok.

The fashionista star frequently posted about her aunt’s beauty salon called Keigi and tried to promote it regularly. She also had contracts with several other brands.

Moreover, Yuriby also had several other famous family members. She was the niece of influencer and model Kimberly Flores, with approximately 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Flores paid tribute to her niece and shared her “indescribable pain” with followers saying, “I can’t cope with so much pain. We were always together in a single heartbeat, my love. You had so many dreams.”

She also posted a heartwarming picture of her wedding from four years ago. It showed Yuriby beaming as she watched her aunt get married.

Flores added in her tribute, “How can it be that four years ago was the happiest and most special day of my life? And today can be the saddest. This pain is indescribable.”

Her Mexican singer husband, Edwin Luna, also posted about Yuriby’s death, saying, “May the whole family find comfort in shared memories and the love that will always be present. RIP, Yuriby Gomez.”

Yuriby was dating Kevin Herrera before her death. The two shared a loving relationship; she often called him her “true love.” Furthermore, the two would share sweet snaps of their time. Kevin also paid tribute to his late fashion influencer girlfriend, saying, “See you soon, my love; I will always love you.” He commented with a picture of a bouquet of bright red flowers.

Furthermore, Yuriby’s family also released doves while wearing white to honour their beloved family member.

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