Net WorthWhat Is William Friedkin Net Worth?

What Is William Friedkin Net Worth?

Nowadays, William Friedkin’s net worth and cause of death are the two most discussed topics surfacing on the internet. Recently deceased 87-year-old William Friedkin’s net worth is in the millions after spending more than half a century in the entertainment world. He was an acclaimed producer, director, and screenwriter in Hollywood who had gained stupendous popularity in his profession.

William Friedkin’s talent and brilliance in his craft had earned him international recognition and a staggering net worth. As he never compromised on the quality of his art, people showed him reverence before and after his death. We aim to explain how the legend amassed an enormous net worth. Keep reading to get the details of William Friedkin’s net worth.

William Friedkin’s Net Worth

William Friedkin’s net worth was estimated to be 70 million United States dollars at the time of his passing. Moreover, William Friedkin’s net worth started growing at quite an early age, and the commercial success of his movies changed the dynamics of the late director’s accomplishments.

William Friedkin’s net worth was primarily dependent on his profession. His wealth came from well-received movies, such as 1973’s biggest box-office hit, “The Exorcist,” which grossed $500 million worldwide. In addition to that, the skilled director earned $40 million alone in the United States of America by re-releasing The Exorcist with extra footage in 2000.

He also drew royalties from his films and had several brand endorsements. Furthermore, it is worth noting that even though William Friedkin’s net worth has been confirmed, it is arduous to discern the exact amount of money he earned monthly or annually from each of his crafts and endorsements.

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What Is William Friedkin Net Worth?
What Is William Friedkin’s Net Worth?

William Friedkin’s Awards and Nominations

In the 1970s, top-notch films such as The French Connection and The Exorcist paved the way to earning the world’s most prominent and respected awards. These movies come out on top wherever his career is brought into discussion. Fortunately, his blockbuster movie The French Connection received five Academy Awards in the categories of best picture, film editing, screenplay, etc. Also, William Friedkin successfully won the best director award that same year.

Likewise, The Exorcist was involved in controversy despite being a hugely celebrated film. As the story revolved around a 12-year-old girl in the possession of a devil, the audience was horrified and entranced during the show. From lacking nuance to earning ten Oscar nominations and emerging victorious by securing two wins, the film stamped its brilliance on each aspect it covered.

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William Friedkin’s Successful Career

William Friedkin’s net worth is evidence of his success in the world of glitz and glamour. Relocating to Hollywood in 1965 was a mindful decision, as it took him just two years to premiere his first feature film—Good Times. However, movies like “The Boys in the Band” and “The Night They Raided Minsky’s” set the bar too high, garnering him widespread accolades.

Spanning over a half-century career filled with horror, action, suspense, thrills, and the beguiling enchantment of love, he captivated audiences through documentaries, movies, and television shows. The documentary he directed in 2017, titled “The Devil and Father Amorth,” further cemented his reputation as a maestro in filmmaking. One year later, in 2018, the 54th Chicago International Film Festival gave him a lifetime achievement award to honour his lifelong journey.


As a final resort, William Friedkin’s assets are preserved in critically acclaimed movies that will help his mourners. William Friedkin’s net worth was increasing, solidifying his position in Hollywood. Despite gaining notoriety and reverence at the beginning of his career simultaneously, his wealth and influence emerged as a supporting pillar for him. Arguably, William Friedkin’s net worth was immense, and it will keep increasing due to royalties, benefiting his sorrowful family in the coming years.

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