Who Was Huu Can Tran? The Suspected Man in California Monterey Park Shooting Alleged Suicide

Who was Huu Can Tran? The authorities, the victims’ families, and everyone around the world are trying to find out the truth and more about who was Huu Can Tran. During Lunar New Year’s eve, a gunman started firing inside Star Ballroom Dance Studio on West Garvey Avenue. At around 10.20 p.m., the incident took place on Saturday of this auspicious festival. As many as ten victims were killed, and more than ten were injured.

Who Was Huu Can Tran The Suspected Man in California Monterey Park Shooting Alleged Suicide
Who Was Huu Can Tran The Suspected Man in California Monterey Park Shooting Alleged Suicide

Then 20 minutes later, Tran went to Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio around Alhambra to kill two more people. But two of the present community members removed his arms, and he managed to flee. This led to queries regarding who was Huu Can Tran and why he had such an intent. Before getting all the answers, the SWAT Team found Tran dead at 1 p.m. after he shot himself. But who was Huu Can Tran? The authorities have been working to uncover more details about the identity of the gunman, and here is what they have found out about who was Huu Can Tran. The information came from all the sources that have known him for years.

Who was Huu Can Tran?

Answering who Huu Can Tran was, he was a 72-year-old Asian American man who killed ten victims and injured ten other people at Star Ballroom Dance Studio during Lunar New Year. He was an immigrant from China.

In the search about who was Huu Can Tran, his ex-wife, who chose to remain unnamed, came to speak about him. She said Tran married her in the same ballroom where he shot people 20 years ago. It is a popular place for the Asian American community to celebrate happy occasions in Monterey Park. The ex-wife claimed that Tran met her in the same ballroom two decades ago, where he offered to give her free dance lessons.

They married after dating for a few days. However, Tran got a divorce from her in 2005. The divorce was finalized after a year. When further asked about who was Huu Can Tran and how he was in real life, his ex-wife said that he was a part-time truck driver. Tran had his own registered business named Tran’s Trucking Inc. from 2002-2004. He was not at all violent but was impatient. Moreover, the marriage certificate was also shown on CNN to give more information about the killer. Further details about who was Huu Can Tran were verified by other people who knew him

Tran Was A Frequent Visitor Of The Studio

The motive behind his killing spree is unclear, but people claim he was a frequent visitor to the studio where he shot the victims. While finding answers to who was Huu Can Tran, the authorities checked the website of the studio where the killings happened. It was founded in 1990 to teach children and adults different types of dances. A long-time acquaintance did give out more updates on who was Huu Can Tran. The person said Tran was a frequent visitor to the dance studio. He noted that Tran would visit “almost every night,” and he stayed only at a five-minute distance in San Gabriel.

Tran Was Not Friendly

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On further digging about who Huu Can Tran suggested, he often complained about the instructors who taught in the studio. Since he didn’t like them, he spoke evil things about that instructor. Moreover, the acquaintance clarified that Tran was not friendly with most people. The killer was never fond of anyone and behaved coldly.

Upon questioning who was Huu Can Tran in real life and how he behaved, the acquaintance said about not being in contact with him. He stated how shocked he was when the shooting news was out, and he couldn’t believe it.

More findings about who was Huu Can Tran suggest that he did sell off his San Gabriel home in 2013. Ever since then, he has been living in a mobile home in the city of Hemet. The authorities did search his Hemet West mobile home park. When his neighbor was questioned, the person said the community was in disbelief after learning about his involvement. The Helmet Police Department did reveal more about who was Huu Can Tran. They gave records of alleged fraud, theft, and even instances of poisoning allegations against his family members in the Los Angeles area.

Currently, the authorities are focusing on the last interactions of Tran before his killing spree. There is more to know about who was Huu Can Tran and his motives. So, we need to wait for the ultimate truth!

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