Who Killed Sara Season 3 Finally Has a Release Date

All the fans of Who Killed Sara can celebrate because the series is back for Who Killed Sara Season 3. The Mexican drama was a huge hit and the fans will finally perhaps get to know who is exactly responsible for the death of the sister of Alex. Killed Sara Season 3 is a Spanish language series.

The debut of Killed Sara was highly popular amongst the audience and it became one of Netflix’s most popular non-English language titles. The series enjoyed an audience of more than 55 million subscribers. 

Killed Sara Season 3 is a Spanish drama that belongs to the genre of crime, mystery, thriller, and melodrama. Killed Sara Season 3 is created by Jose Ignacio and Valenzuela and is directed by David Ruiz and Bernardo de la Rosa. Till now, Killed Sara has enjoyed two seasons and 18 episodes. 

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Killed Sara Season 3 Release Date

Both the seasons of Killed Sara were released last year and it was shot consecutively together in 2020. The filming of Killed Sara Season 3 has already started and the same was informed in a tweet on October 20, 2021. The audiences can expect to see Killed Sara Season 3 in the first half of 2022. According to sources, Killed Sara Season 3 might see an official release on 1st June 2022. 

Killed Sara Season 3 Cast

The audience will be able to see Manolo Cardona and Ximena Lamadrid but in flashback form. In addition to that, Killed Sara Season 3 will also get to see Alejandro Nones, Carolina Miranda, Eugenio Siller, Gines Garcia Millan, Claudia Ramirex, Litzy, Fatima Molina and Matias Novoa. 

Killed Sara Season 3
Killed Sara Season 3

Killed Sara Season 3 Plot 

In Killed Sara Season 2, the murderer of the sister of Alexa was kept under wraps and this means, the audience can expect to see a plot around this twist. Till now, the audience knows that the parachute harness was cut by Marifer, half-sister of Sara.

However, interestingly the cut harness was not responsible for her death. Recalling will help one to remember that Nicandro’s phone call revealed that he was in a call with someone who he referred to as “Doctor”. Even though the conversation is revealed, no one knows who exactly was responsible for her death. The fans will be surprised to know that not even the cast members of Killed Sara Season 3 do not know who is the actual murderer. 

The entire plot of Killed Sara Season 3 revolves around Alex Guzman who spent the last 18 years in jail for a crime that he had not committed. After getting released from prison, Alex is determined to find out who actually killed his sister. In addition to that, Alex is further seeking revenge from the Lazcano family, whom he believes has wronged him. 

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Killed Sara Season 3 Trailer 

The trailer of Killed Sara Season 3 is yet not available. However, the fans can expect a trailer a month before the release of Killed Sara Season 3. 

Killed Sara Season 3 Reception 

When Killed Sara made its debut, it claimed the top position for several weeks in the United States. In fact, the series became the most popular foreign show during the second week of its release. 

The response of the critic has been positive for Killed Sara. On Rotten Tomato, it received a rating of 86%The IMDB rating of Killed Sara is 6.5 on the basis of 12,000 reviews. After Money Heist. Killed Sara became the most popular foreign-language series on Netflix.

The plotline of Killed Sara is interesting and the representation of LGBTQ communities in the series has been appreciated much. One can enjoy Killed Sara Season 3 on Netflix in mid-year of 2022. 

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