Who is Sean Strickland’s Girlfriend?

Ex-UFC champion Sean Strickland is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Sean Strickland’s girlfriend goes by the name KJ publicly and is an extremely private person who does not share personal details of her life online. Moreover, Sean has accepted that he is seeing KJ and has often spoken about her in interviews, referring to her as KJ only, making sure that he does not share her real name. So, who is Sean Strickland’s girlfriend, and what has the MMA fighter shared about her? Here are all the details!

Sean Strickland and KJ Relationship Rumors Begin

Sean Strickland's girlfriend

Sean Strickland began rumors of him dating KJ in October 2022 when he posted a picture with her on his social media without tagging her. Everyone was interested in this mystery girl with Tarzan, but unfortunately, nothing could be found about her.


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Sean Strickland’s Girlfriend Appeared On A UFC Embedded Episode

Sean Strickland's girlfriend

Before his UFC 293 fight against then-middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, Sean Strickland surprised everyone by bringing his girlfriend along. She even appeared in the UFC 293 Embedded series, appearing in episode one and several others. She was introduced for the very first time as ‘KJ’ in the third episode.

In that very episode, Sean even spoke about his girlfriend and how they were about to break up due to a hypothetical situation. Sean Strickland said, “We almost broke up once. I’ll tell you why. So something happened, we’re talking if I accidentally killed a man. Like, I’m going to go to jail for life, and she said she’d put me in prison.”

The couple decided to stay together and have been going strong since then. 

Sean Strickland Speaks About Girlfriend In Interview

Sean Strickland's girlfriend

Recently, in an interview with Helen Yee, Sean Strickland spoke about his girlfriend KJ and the important role she plays in his life. He shared how she has changed him for the better and how crazy in love he is with her. He said, “Guys, I have a girlfriend, who I love very much. I said it. She makes me a better man, you guys.”

Sean Strickland’s Girlfriend Has Been With Him Through It All

Sean Strickland's girlfriend

Recently, Sean Strickland opened up about his mental health problems and how difficult everything has been for him. But he also shared that he hasn’t been alone throughout this difficult time and that his girlfriend is there with him to support him and help him out. “All week I’ve been busy, dude. I’ve been on Twitter saying crazy stuff. I woke up and I told my girl, I was like, ‘Babe, I feel like I’m a danger to people. Like I don’t feel like I should be out in the world,” he shared with his fans on Instagram. The outcome of this was his girlfriend getting him a cute present that said, “Hope you feel better.” Sean tried to play it cool by taking a picture of the gift and captioning it as, “The gf making me feel extra soft lol.” 

More About Sean Strickland’s Girlfriend

Sean Strickland's girlfriend

Besides the fact that she goes by the nickname KJ in public, there is nothing more known about Sean Strickland’s girlfriend. Sean has managed to keep her away from the spotlight and never even shared her real name or tagged her in any of the pictures he has posted with her. This is why all personal details about Sean Strickland’s girlfriend, KJ, are a mystery to us and all his fans.


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