Who is Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend? Everything You Need to Know About Michael Polansky

Since late 2019, Lady Gaga has been captivated by Michael Polansky’s brown eyes, and their bond only strengthens with time. Polansky is more than just a summer boy; their romantic relationship is real—it’s not shallow. A digital entrepreneur and a well-known pop diva, who at first glance seemed like an odd couple, had developed a charming fantasy romance. Even when they’re talking to a buddy, the couple can’t help but brag about each other despite their best efforts to keep things secret. Polansky “loves Lady Gaga, but he’s in love with Stefani,” the pop mogul by her full name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a source told Entertainment Tonight in August 2021.

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend is a prominent name in the tech field. Polansky is the Executive Director of the Parker Foundation, which funds the arts, civic engagement, global public health, and the life sciences. Along with Sean Parker, the co-founder of Facebook and Napster, he co-founded the group in 2015. In addition, the businessman is a board member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which was co-founded to transform all malignancies into treatable illnesses. According to his LinkedIn, he received a degree in computer science and applied mathematics from Harvard University in 2006.

Michael Polansky is the Executive Director at the Parker Foundation

Michael Polansky and gaga

He graduated from Harvard. Polansky attended Harvard University to study computer science and applied mathematics, according to Page Six, which initially broke the story of the businessman’s relationship with Gaga. According to Entertainment Tonight, Polansky graduated in 2006, citing his LinkedIn profile. Together with Sean Parker, a co-founder of major tech companies including Facebook and Napster, Polansky co-founded the foundation in 2015. According to its website, the philanthropic foundation promotes the arts, global public health, civic involvement, and the life sciences. Additionally, he is on the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy board, a cancer treatment research organization in San Francisco.

He and Gaga first met around the end of 2019

Michael Polansky and Lady GAGA

Polansky and the singer were spotted kissing on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, but the benefactor wasn’t named then. It seemed like they had been dating for weeks before their relationship became public knowledge.

Following their sighting of Gaga and Polansky sharing a kiss on a Miami balcony during Super Bowl LIV weekend in February 2020, the buzz surrounding the couple grew. Before the game on Saturday, the pop sensation performed in the city, and Page Six revealed that Polanksy and Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, were spotted in the VIP area. Additionally, the duo exited Hard Rock Stadium after the Super Bowl. Gaga later verified the romance with a romantic Instagram post.

Despite split rumors the previous year, a source told Entertainment Tonight in February 2024 that Gaga and Polansky are still “together and going strong.” The informant revealed that the couple enjoys spending time together casually and recently went on a trip together. The source concluded that they are “pleased.”


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