Whistleblower: Facebook harms kids, stokes division, weakens democracy

Recently a previous employee of Facebook has shared all the personal information about the U.S politicians mentioning that the site has been hampering the children’s mental health issues and is planning on changes in society. Frances Haugen, who was an employee of Facebook previously and had worked as a product manager turned out to be the one who has leaked all information and has blamed the company for various activities in front of the Senate.

Facebook has been facing a growing rivalry and has been asked to change its regulations. After all the news is out, Mark Zuckerberg said that all the accusations made do not align with any of the goals of the company. 

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After the claims were made he wrote a letter to his staff mentioning that all the claims made do not make any sense and even mentioned that it is a claim made to affect all efforts made by Facebook to go against harmful content. He even added that he is very much concerned about the issues deeply such as safety, mental health, and well-being ” and had shared it on Facebook’s official page.

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Ms. Haugen recently shared with the CBS news that she had shared numerous information about the private documents of Facebook along with the journal of Wall Street. She had used all the documents and all the research done from Instagram that was shown in the and that these research showed that it could affect any girl’s mental health.

As said in her Testimony  Ms. Haugen on Tuesday. She mentioned that the head of the company knows how can they make Facebook and Instagram safer and are not making any change as their overall profit would be hampered if such changes are made.

Whistleblower Facebook harms kids
Whistleblower Facebook harms kids

She had blamed Mark Zuckerberg for not taking any action despite having a lot of  control, but as said by Mark he is not holding anyone accountable for such question other than himself.”

Monika Bickert even mentioned that as per the claims made Facebook has no such links as according to the records into issues the company always keep safety above any profit. And along with that she even was upset about the huge outage which affected a lot of users from all around the world.

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She said that As we saw Facebook was taken off the internet the previous night and she don’t even know why Facebook was down but for 5 hours Facebook didn’t make any woman make feel bad about their bodies, increase divides or take any action against democracies and what was the result of it was fake blame about these issues made against the company and also added that its high time we must take some action now.

Frances Haugen Mentioned Facebook repeatedly prioritized profits over its user’s safety

Mark. Zuckerberg said recently that all the research from Instagram was misinterpreted and a lot of young people are experiencing a good experience from using all the social media sites linked with Facebook. And he even added that it is very important for him that whatever is made by them is safe and positive for the kids.

During the social media outrage, he said he was not concerned about how many people left the platform or how much loss have they faced but the most important for him is the sentiments of people and support for all the businesses and communities.

Both the senators gathered on Tuesday to discuss the need for change in the policies of the company. Richard Blumenthal a  Democratic Senator said, that any damage done due to just gaining some profits will affect Facebook for generations. To this, the Republican Dan Sullivan also mentioned the after generations people will question what was wrong with people to be revealing out Facebook’s affecting child’s mental health. After the hearing, it was mentioned that Facebook did not agree to all the accusations by Ms. Haugen but they agreed to bring on some changes in the rules.

As the statement read it has been more than 25 years since any rules have been changed on the internet or any other changes have been made and also said that without expecting the company to make any decision it should be given to the lawmaker’s to make the rules now.

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Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg’s main point was that the researcher has leaked the wrong information which was misunderstood by her and the internet as wells. He even made the point all the negative information we’re given and positive information were ignored.

As mentioned in a recent report it said the Facebook does not have to do any research that will affect people’s personal information. Moreover, only Facebook has all the consumer metrics which is important to record the effects in society. Mark Zuckerberg even believed that Facebook is for a good environment for people.


Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.

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