Major Changes to Federal Student Loans Could Wipe Debt for 550,000 People

On Wednesday, the US Department of Education declared some severe changes to a federal student loan forgiveness program that the agency said could get some relaxation to more than 550,000 loanees who are working in government and non-profit organizations along with about 22,000 loanees who will by default be qualified to get student loan relaxation without concerning about taking any additional steps. 

What Will the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Plan Provide?

With the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan, the government waives the best federal student loan amount for becoming public-sector employees after completing monthly reimbursement for ten years. 

Why is The Program Being Criticized?

For so long, the plan has been receiving immense criticism as it is too hard to head out because loanees cannot get enough support from the loan personnel, the companies that manage billing and other services. It has been heard from many loanees that after making out the plan and having a thought that the next ten years’ worth of qualifying payments, they got to know they aren’t eligible for forgiveness.

On Wednesday, the Education Department said it will “restore the promise” of the debt relief plan with a series of steps that will be executed “over the coming months.”

These actions refer to providing a time-limited relaxation enabling all direct payments from student loanees to move towards the plan along with loan types and payments strategy, which previously didn’t fit the relaxation criteria. As per the memo, the forgiveness will be perpetuated till 31st October 2022. 

Federal Student Loans

What Does the Memo Say?

According to the agency’s memo, “This Limited PSLF Waiver will apply to borrowers with Direct Loans, those who have already consolidated into the Direct Loan Program, and those with other types of federal student loans who submit a consolidation application into the Direct Loan Program while the waiver is in effect.”

Over 1 million loanees have processed the minimum one qualifying payment and even after that only few have managed to receive relaxation. According to the latest government data, approximately 5,500 students have managed to wipe their debt away.

Invaded With Issues

This forgiveness is one section of an attempt focused towards the improvement of the public service loan plan which has been packed with issues over the years since it was signed into legislation by former President George W. Bush in 2007. These problems incorporate dilemmas about eligibility criteria, and the exact type of federal student loans and repayment procedure and also the ideas of miscommunication between the Education Department and the loan service providers, and between the loan service providers and the loanees. 

What the Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Stated?

On Wednesday, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, said that “Borrowers who devote a decade of their lives to public service should be able to rely on the promise of Public Service Loan Forgiveness,” adding further stated “The system has not delivered on that promise to date, but that is about to change for many borrowers who have served their communities and their country.”

The department, while directing towards the mistakes in the review process of applications as “particularly worrisome,” also stated that it will be carrying out both internal examinations of rejected applications as well as external examinations of processing incorporated in the plan.

In a press release the agency said “These actions will help identify and address servicing errors or other issues that have prevented borrowers from getting the PSLF credit they deserve.”

A Promise to Military Service Members

On Wednesday, the announcement made by the agency also includes their promise to help military service members and federal employees entitled to access the resources of the Public Service Loan Program.

The agency said that “Next year, the Department will begin automatically giving federal employees credit for PSLF by matching Department of Education data with information held by other federal agencies about service members and the federal workforce.”

For the members of the military services, time served on duty hours will be attributed towards the plan in spite of loans being on postponement or forbearance. As per the memo, “Federal Student Aid will develop and implement a process to address periods of student loan deferments and forbearance for active-duty service members and will update affected borrowers to let them know what they need to do to take advantage of this change.”

The Education Department also promised to start an “extensive outreach campaign” for loanees to simplify the application process and make sustainable enhancement to the plan by moving forward with the rule making process.

Political Pressure

The pressure of simplifying the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan has been increasing under president Joe Biden who is putting efforts to streamline debt relief, unlike any former President. Over 200 organizations including the union of the two largest teachers of the nation, are asking faculty to form a simple way to waive debt for people who have served their service in the public sector for 10 years or more.

Few members of the Democratic Party along with Chuck Schumer of New York and Sen who are majority Senate Leader, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have recurrently asked the Biden administration to move forward and abolish student debt of up to $50,000 for each loanee.

But, so far, Biden avoided those requests from internal members and alternatively he is aiming on improving the existing plan like for one that gives debt relief to those defaulted by for profit colleges and another that wipes out the loan of those who are permanently physically challenged.


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