What happened to 350Heem? How did the Rapper 350Heem Die?

The music industry was shocked when news broke of the untimely death of 25-year-old rapper 350Heem. Born Raheem Bacon, the talented artist was on the brink of success after signing a major record deal and gaining recognition for his debut album, “Taking Chances.” Unfortunately, his promising journey came to a tragic end during a celebratory album release party at Jade Fox Lounge.

The Shooting Incident

On the night of the incident, 350Heem and his crew celebrated their newfound success. However, the happiness turned into horror when gunshots rang out unexpectedly outside the lounge. The rapper, his friend Isaac Harris, and other party attendees were caught in the crossfire of an unrelated brawl in the parking lot.

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Eyewitness Account

Isaac Harris, a close friend and prime witness to the tragedy, recounted the events that unfolded that fateful night. After hearing the shots, Harris took cover in his car and found 350Heem struggling to stay on his feet. Despite his best efforts, 350Heem collapsed, having suffered significant injuries. Harris immediately rushed him to the hospital, but tragically, the rapper could not be saved.

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What happened to 350Heem? How did the Rapper 350Heem Died?
What happened to 350Heem? How did the Rapper 350Heem Die?

Investigations and Shooter Identification

The Lakeland Police Department promptly launched an investigation into what happened to 350Heem. They determined that the shooter, Jamilah Johnson, did not intend to harm 350Heem specifically. Instead, the shooting resulted from the escalating brawl between another group at the party.

Casualties and Recovery

In addition to 350Heem, a 48-year-old woman died in the shooting incident. Despite the efforts of Isaac Harris and the rapper’s sister to rush him to the hospital, 350Heem could not be revived. The family and friends are grappling with the profound loss and trying to make sense of the tragic events that unfolded that night.


The tragic death of 350Heem has left the music industry mourning the loss of a talented young artist. His journey was cut short due to a senseless shooting incident, leaving his family, friends, and fans in shock and grief. As they try to recover from this excruciating loss, they seek solace in the memories of the promising rapper and hope to find strength in the face of this tragedy. May the family and friends of 350Heem find the support they need to heal during this difficult time.

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