Warframe Trade: Know How to Buy and Sell

Warframe trade equips you with several amazing rewards. It allows you to fit your character and weapons with various mods and gain extremely rare blueprints. Not only this, but you can also earn platinum currency to buy more Warframes and trendy cosmetics. However, Warframe trade can be a little tricky and therefore, to help you out, we’ve given a detailed guide on this topic in this article.

Warframe is a little different from other co-op action games as it doesn’t have a central auction house where trading between two players can take place. Instead, it has two distinct methods of trading which are described below.

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How to Become a Merchant to Unlock Trading?

Warframe Trade

Firstly, you need to advance your Warframes or weapons to at least level 30. This will raise your profile rank to Mastery Rank 2. This can be done within a few hours tops.

The number of trades you can make in a day depends on your Mastery Rank. The Mastery Rank also designates your overall in-game progress. 

Once you reach Mastery Rank 2, you can make two trades per day. Upon further advances in ranks, you can make more trades. For example, at Mastery Rank 15, you can make 15 trades a day.

Warframe Trade Method #1

Mostly, players trade in items for the in-game currency, platinum. This can be done at the Clan Dojo.

In Warframe, players join clans, guilds run by players themselves, to find in-game friends and gain access to trading posts. The trading post is present in the clan dojo and allows you to trade with other players that are physically present in the dojo.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to trade:

  • Join a clan. You cant get access to a trading post until you join a clan. 
  • Find the player you want to exchange items with. You can either sell your item for platinum currency or give the other player money to buy one of their items.
  • Click on the Star Chart, drag your mouse over the player’s icon and click on the “send invite” option. This will send an invitation to the player you want to exchange items with to your dojo. Alternatively, they can also send you an invite.
  • When the player comes into your dojo, go to your trading post. Once you select their name, a trading window will open up.
  • Select the trading type for example key, special weapon, platinum, etc.
  • Tick the check when you are ready to trade. 
  • Then click on accept trade.
  • A pop up will show up asking you if you’re sure about the trade. It will mention what you are giving to the other player and what the other player is giving you.
  • Your trade is now complete.
Warframe Trade

How to find people to trade with?

There are three ways you can find people to trade in Warframe:

1. In Warframe’s Chat Interface, there is a chat named Trade Chat. Here multiple players share the items they want to sell and buy. You can also search for specific things you’re looking for by setting up a chat filter. To set up the filter, simply click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the specific keywords.

Quick Note:– While trading players use short forms like WTB (want to buy), WTS (want to sell), WTT (want to trade) and PC (Price Check). They do this to inform other players of what they’re looking for. 

2. Visit https://warframe.market. It is an auction house (obviously not official). You can simply search for items you want to buy. Simply, message the player you wish to purchase blah blah item from blah blah person, and you can also directly ask for a trade. You can also sell items on this website by creating your listing. 

3. Head to the official warfare forums. Here people advertise items they want to sell and buy. You can simply message people with offers and then proceed with the trade.

Warframe Trade Tax:

Players need to pay a trade tax every time they make a deal in Warframe. The trade tax is in credits and usually ranged between 500-800 credits. Isn’t it quite cheap? However, some people are allowed to perform high trades. In those trades, the player has to pay a trade tax of one million credits.

Use the chart given on this website https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Trading to determine how much trade tax you’ll have to pay for each item. Sometimes, there’s also an additional clan tax imposed by specific clans. 

Trading Method #2

Maroo’s Bazaar is a station on Mars. You can join a busy population once you enter it. You can think of this bazaar as a flea market where you can trade items with other people. Once you enter the main lobby after landing on the station, you will be able to see Maroo and other players.

Players who want to sell items will have their hands raised. The things listing will be hovering over their head. You can then whisper to them and strike a deal. 

To sell items, press the Q key to trigger the gear wheel. Click on Set Up Shop and select any five items you want to sell. Your Warframe’s hand will then raise to let other players know you’re selling things.

There is an additional ten per cent trade tax as compared to the clan dojo in Maroo’s Bazaar. This is the only con of trading on this relay station. 

Things You Can’t Trade in Warframe:

While you can trade most of your items, you can’t trade endo, ferritin and other resources like these, non-prime parts of Warframes and free platinum received during promotions and registering. You can’t also trade platinum for platinum.

We have discussed all possible ways related to Warframe trade. Have fun during the business, and we wish you get lots of new things in Warframe.

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