Warframe Ducats: How to farm Ducats fast in Warframe?

Do you want to get some exceptional mods, top-notch weapons and some exclusive decorations to make your Orbiter stand out? Well, you can quickly get access to all this and much more by trading in Warframe with Baro KiTeer. The only con is that he trades mostly in Warframe ducats which can be a little tricky to get. But don’t worry, this article will help you in learning how to get ducats and access the hundreds of exceptional items owned by Baro KiTeer.

Warframe Ducats are a unique currency of the game that you can get by following a few simple steps.

Warframe Ducats

How to get Ducats in Warframe?

So, the first thing you need to do is complete some missions to get Relics which are locked, that you get mission rewards. Upon unlocking them, you get access to Prime Warframe and Prime Weapon parts. 

You can unlock these relics by completing Void Fissure Missions. In these missions, there are Void enemies with gold energy fields surrounding by that drop reactants. You need to collect 10 of these reactants to open the Void Relic

Once the Void Relic opens, just finish the remaining part of the mission to get the relic and claim the prime part it holds. 

You can also complete Void Fissure Missions with team members and get access to the Relic items they unlock too. This game makes the game so much easier and so much more fun. The missions are present on your navigation screen in the upper right corner.

It is now possible for you to travel to Relays as you have a few Prime Parts. The relays are where you will meet Baro. 

In the Relay, interact with a Kiosk to open up a menu. You can simply trade the prime parts you have collected (Prime Blueprints, weapon parts and Warframe components) for Warframe ducats. Based upon how rare your collected part is, you can get 15(for common items), 45 (for uncommon items) or 100 (for rare items) ducats per item. In this easy manner, you can collect as many ducats as you want.

Where to find Baro in Warframe?

Warframe Ducats

Baro usually appears at the terminals in the relays. One thing that you will often notice is that a lot of players surround the terminal where Baro appears. So your best bet is to simply find the most crowded terminal as Baro will most likely be there.

While you can access the Void Trader’s kiosks any time that you want, keep in mind that your time with Baro KiTeer is limited. So, make sure to purchase whatever you want from him as fast as you can. 


Warframe Ducats are one of the items that you can’t trade with other players. However, you can exchange platinum or other items with players to get Prime parts. You can then trade these at the Kiosks for ducats. Keep in mind not to sell Prime parts of Warframes and Weapons you want to build or exchange for platinum. For example, if you want to build Saryn Prime, do not sell off any of her parts. However, if you have two copies of any Prime part, you can sell one to get some ducats.


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