Virgin River Season 5 – What could be the Plot?

Virgin River’s journey to being one of the best American television show series on Netflix has been remarkable! The beautiful view of Vancouver and the day to day obstacles in Mel’s life as a struggling nurse-practitioner in North California, kept the audience rooted to their seats. Not only that, it has also attracted a great number of viewership around the globe that has been increasing with the arrival of every season. More or less, its growing popularity is insinuating to the audience that Virgin River Season 5 would also make a ground-breaking entrance with its release! We will just have to wait and see.

Deadline Hollywood shared on their website that:

“In early December, Virgin River ended The Crown’s atop the Nielsen weekly streaming rankings. And in July, Virgin River dethroned Manifest to once again rank No. 1 on the Nielsen chart, a spot it held for two weeks”.

Evidently, the ‘sleeper’ has gone past its sleeping stage and is ‘up and running’ to get a much higher standard than before. Subsequently, making the fans more and more curious about the upcoming season and its plot line. 

Considering that the whole fandom can not wait for the premiere of the first episode, we have compiled some of the details of the show that you were dying to know!

Virgin River Season 5: The fate of Jake?

Fans’ did not wait long to wade stealthily through all the episodes of the fourth season when it was made available for streaming on Netflix. However, Season 4 did bring with it an unexpected surprise for fans. Seeing that it was revealed in the finale that the father of Charmaine’s unborn twins is most definitely not Jack! This newfound information brought joy and relief to the Virgin River fandom but it also left Jack in utter shock. 

Virgin River Season 5: The fate of Jake?
Virgin River Season 5: The fate of Jake?

The credits rolled with the revelation of the said truth and a dumbfounded Jack in Season 4. Once again, Virgin River left its audience with many unanswered questions with its classic ending. But fortunately, the actor who plays Jack shared some of his insights on the said matter! In an interview, he explained what can we expect for his character in the future:

“For Jack it’s about starting over, starting new and he’s getting help. He’s really committed to healing his stuff and I think he feels that he wants to put all that stuff behind him so he can show up for this woman and for this family”.

He further added that: 

“There’s a lot of hope and I think the audience hopefully will feel the buoyancy of that. Of course, being a TV show there’s going to be some obstacles”.

Virgin River Season 5: Melinda And Jake’s Relationship

Without a doubt, Season 4 was one hell of a roller coaster ride. Especially, when we consider Jake’s and Melinda’s relationship in the series. They were definitely going through some rough patch in the fourth season. And our main protagonist’s pregnancy was not of much help in this regard. The uncertainty that revolved around the whole paternity test dilemma, more or less, drove them towards temporary breakup.

Virgin River Season 5: Melinda And Jake's Relationship
Virgin River Season 5: Melinda And Jake’s Relationship

However, the creators knew what the fans wanted and they gave it to them on a silver platter. Yes, you have heard that right! It was revealed that Melinda is bearing Jack’s child after all.

According to Henderson, this “closure” would most probably solve all the unwanted drama in their relationship:

“What’s interesting about this point in the show, there’s a lot of closure with Charmaine. It’s like, that’s been put to bed so to speak. Like, okay, and there’s a release from that… I feel like now Mel and Jack have an opportunity to just focus on them and their baby and their life and there’s so much hope in that. There’s a lot of possibility”.

Thus, with almost all the conflicts being resolved, both our main leads would finally have some room for themselves in the upcoming season.

An Anticipated Wedding

Yay! We already got the proposal from Jack in the eleventh episode of Season 4. Hence, with the “closure with Charmaine” and the situation with the paternity test being resolved, it is most likely that we are going to get a wedding in Season 5!

Henderson himself hinted towards it in one of his interviews that it’s what everyone wants:

“But like all the dramas, we didn’t have to watch them navigate through all of the conflict and where they’re incompatible and they try to figure that out, which keeps you compelled. I think it’s a perfect time to give the audience something to really celebrate. Obviously there’s people who are going to want the wedding and I don’t know if that’s going to happen but there’s certain things that you want to give the audience”.

And we do want it to happen !

Aiman Muneer
Aiman Muneer
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