Virgin River Season 5 – Is it Renewed or Cancelled at Netflix?

Based on the author, Robyn Carr’s amazing work of art, Virgin River is back in stock with new content at its disposal on Netflix. Starting off with a low-ranking status, the series soon won the viewer’s heart with its catchy storyline. Seeing that, the show’s popularity can be easily validated by the fact that it has been on Netflix’s Top 10 list in many countries. To gain a huge increase in the global watch hours on Netflix with every season, to achieve the status of solid ever-growing television series worldwide. Like it or not, the Netflix series has massively appealed to the audience’s senses with every season. And it evidently aims to do so this time as well, with the premiere of Virgin River Season 5.

According to the review aggregation of the Rotten Tomatoes website, the series has a total of 90% positive reviews and an average rating of 6.30/10 on 10 critic ratings!

The critic’s consensus of the said website highlighted the fact that the show is:

“Gentle as a babbling brook—and just as exciting, for better or worse—Virgin River‘s sophomore season offers up more of the comfort viewing that fans have come to crave”.

It is crystal clear that the show has become one of the most loved series by the fans! However, the main question that arises here is that is it actually going to be renewed or has it been cancelled on Netflix?

Well, fear not. Since we are back with answers to some of your burning questions!

Virgin River Season 5: The Renewal?

Virgin River was renewed for the fifth season in September 2021. Its renewal was announced with the fourth season. Let’s have a look at the official announcement post made by the Virgin River’s official Instagram. It reads that:

“Season 4 and Season 5 picked up by Netflix! Thank each and everyone of you for all your support! We so appreciate it!”

Virgin River Season 5: The Renewal?
Virgin River Season 5: The Renewal?

Even though the fourth season of Virgin River was officially premiered on July 20, 2020. It was the delay of the filming of the fifth season that worried the fans around the globe. Changing the date from March 2022 to July 2022, to even further alteration being made on the set date. Which, more or less, made the whole fandom think that the upcoming season might be cancelled.

But fortunately for the fans, the renewal is still happening. There is nothing to be worried about! As the production is underway and will be finished around November 2022.

So it means that the Season 5 train will be reaching the Virgin River station around early 2023!

Virgin River Season 5: The Cast Views on the Renewal!

Did you think that Jack and Mel’s love story is going to end in Season 4? Not yet people. The previous season just prepares you for the roller coaster ride in the forthcoming season.

Virgin River Season 5: The Cast Views on the Renewal!
Virgin River Season 5: The Cast Views on the Renewal!

In an interview to ET, Marin  Henderson (Jack) shared his thoughts on the renewal of the fifth season of the show. According to him, Season 4 is not the end but is actually a new beginning:

“I felt that at this juncture, season 4, we’re many seasons in. We’ve watched these guys with their mutual troubled pasts come together and there’s this promise of love and their connection and their attraction is undeniable. So the potential can only be for good”.

Moreover, Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) also teased the fans about how she wants her story arc to be developed in the upcoming season:

“What I’m looking forward to this season, I think Mel’s journey from her childhood becomes more in focus throughout the season so that we can understand where she’s coming from and how that informs how she behaves now”.

She further adds that:

“But you know, I think that there’s going to be some similar twists and turns along the way. I know what happens up until episode 6 — I was just given the outlines. They’re not even scripts yet — and I’m very happy. I don’t know if fans are going to be happy. We’ll have to wait and see”.

In case the people are still in doubt, it is real folks! SEASON 5 IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING!

There’s a lot of stuff going around here for the upcoming season! The fans can clearly see it from the actors’ enthusiasm that we are in for a wild ride.

The Best Season

After filming two scenes, Martin Henderson could not help but to give a little juicy detail to the fans about the new season.

He confesses in an interview that the fans are going to have some great content on their plates once the show premieres. Seeing that:

“Season five’s great, by the way. It’s the best season yet. I’m amazing in it”.

Well, we are more than willing to see you in action as well, Jack. The whole fandom is ready to steam the upcoming season!

Aiman Muneer
Aiman Muneer
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