Vince McMahon’s Netflix Documentary to Premiere Sooner Than You Think

Vince McMahon, the current Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings, is one of the most influential personalities to grace the wrestling world. In 2020, there were reports about a documentary on a legendary wrestler. However, this news was later debunked, as the documentary was said to have been canceled. A prominent wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, recently confirmed that the documentary has resumed work. However, it has undergone significant changes. Keep scrolling down to read more about the Vince McMahon documentary.

Estimated Release Window of the Vince McMahon Documentary

While speaking with Jimmy Traina on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast, Bill Simmons, the executive producer, revealed that he expects the series to be released on Netflix in “the first part” of 2024. Also, the Vince McMahon documentary is still in production; hence, a release date has yet to be released.

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Speaking at Bloomberg Screentime event in Los Angeles, Simmons made it clear that the project was still happening. He further added that McMahon will preview it before its release. However, he will not have the final verdict.

Vince McMahon Documentary
Vince McMahon’s Netflix Documentary to Premiere Sooner Than You Think

While speaking on the Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer shed light on the documentary. Dave talked about his visit to Los Angeles to do a Netflix taping. Unfortunately, he could not discuss the project more clearly because of the restrictions. Nevertheless, he reassured the viewers that he would be able to unveil the release date pretty soon. Meltzer also talked about how the documentary is a work of art! All sorts of professional people in the field have been interviewed to make the project worth the wait. However, the legendary Vince McMahon’s interview will capture attention.

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Streaming Details of the Advancing Documentary 

You will be able to watch the Vince McMahon documentary on Netflix. Ever since its inception, the project has been subjected to multiple changes. When the production started, Vince McMahon was the company’s owner. However, with time, many things have taken a drastic turn. And working with all these variables proved quite troublesome for the production team. A lot of effort has been put into making the documentary, as the team had to redo many significant things with new events.

The wrestling industry’s payoffs and Vince McMahon’s personal life details are all integral to the documentary’s story.

Well, that was everything about the Vince McMahon documentary. If more information surfaces shortly, we will update this site immediately.

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