Valorant Sova NERF is Confirmed for Valorant Act 3 Episode 4

Well we have got some upsetting news for all the Valorant fans out there! Because Valorant Sova Nerf along with Patch 4.08 is just around the corner. But the changes which Riot has introduced , haven’t so far sat right with the fans. So, is this news actually credible or not? Continue reading to find out!

What are the Valorant Sova Nerf changes?

Well Nova will now equip his bow in a different manner. So, this will affect you if in the past you were dependent on any lineups related to Sova’s HUD. Secondly, Sova’s drone will now have an ever shorter duration and the Shock Dart’s maximum damage has been decreased from 90 to 75.

What are the Valorant Sova Nerf changes?
What are the Valorant Sova Nerf changes?

Even though the fans haven’t been ready to accept these changes they haven’t quite protested against it. But this must not go unnoticed that the Sova nerfs fans are not content with these changes. Hopefully in the future Riot will somehow make amends to these sudden changes but who knows how long this will take.

Sova Nerfs are scheduled to go live with the Episode 4 Act 3 Update

So, all the aforementioned changes will be in effect starting from the release of the next update. There is also a sort of video for the equipment animation on YouTube (the official one). So, make sure that you stream it. It has proved to be quite disappointing.

For now this is all that you need to know regarding Valorant Sova NERF. for more updates stay tuned!

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