Valheim Potions and Mead – Create Healing Potions and Resistance Mead

Valheim potions and Meads aid in gaining strength in Valheim just like other battle and survival games. Valheim known for its notorious enemies, chaotic creatures and powerful weapons, has become one of the best survival games in history. This game allows you to travel through sinister dark forests, snow covered terrains and lush valleys that hold dark secrets.

Valheim is a Viking themed game where you play a role of a slain warrior who has a chance of redeeming himself. To do this, you need to survive amongst bizarre blood thirsty monsters that inhabit land by destroying them and gaining the favor of Gods while also receiving eternal glory.  Fighting these enemies is no easy task as they are quite strong and powerful. Thus, you prepare yourself to lose considerable health and strength when fighting them.

The best way for you to recover your lost strength and survive is through potions. Not only can these potions help you in regaining your health, you can also use them to get resistance against harmful things like poison, frost, etc. However, making these potions is not an easy task as you need to put in a lot of work. But once you get your hands on them, they can be the difference between loosing a fight and winning one.

Read our guide to find out the different types of Valheim potions and meads available. And learn the easiest ways to make Valheim potions and meads.

What are Valheim Potions?

While meat and berries help you in gaining some strength, they are not enough to power you during intense battles with fierce enemies. When you are fighting for your life against merciless goblins and aggressive bosses, you need instant health boosts along with some resistance against attacks. This is where Valheim potions, also called meads, step in; they give you instant boosts and gradually increase your health over a short period of time. Meads are honey based alcoholic drinks that you can ferment on your own. To do this, you will firstly need a mead base.

Healing Potions and Resistance Mead

How to make Resisting Mead bases?

There are currently seven mead bases available in the game. All of them require honey along with an assortment of consumable items that players can forge.

To get your hands on honey, you will need to look for beehives. You can find them inside abandoned houses as well as around swamps. Break these beehives to get honey along with a Queen Bee. You can then use these Queen Bees to make your own beehives in your base and build a honey farm. This way you can have abundant honey and unlimited potions!

Mentioned below are the seven potions available in the games along with their mead bases and effects.

1. Minor Healing Valheim Potions

To make this potion’s mead base, you will need 10 honeys, 10 raspberries, 5 blueberries and 1 dandelion. Drinking this potion will grant you the 50 health points over a short period of time.

2. Medium Healing Valheim Potions

Slightly more rewarding than the previous potion, the Medium Healing Potion grants you 75 health points over the same period of time. To make it, you will need to create a mead base using 10 honeys, 10 raspberries, 4 blood bags and 1 dandelion.

3. Minor Stamina Valheim Potions

To restore 80 stamina rapidly, drink the Minor Stamina Potion that you can make using 10 honeys, 10 raspberries and 10 yellow mushrooms.

4. Medium Stamina Valheim Potions

Restore 160 stamina rapidly through this potion. You will need 10 honeys, 10 cloudberries and 10 yellow mushrooms to make this potions mead base.

5. Frost Resistance Mead

Survive on icy mountain biomes by chugging down this potion that allows you to be resistant to frost damage for 10 minutes. To make it, you will need 10 honey, 5 thistle, 2 blood bag (get them by killing leeches in the Swamp Biome) and 1 Grey dwarf eye.

6. Poison Resistance Mead

Become resistant to all poison effects for 10 minutes through this potion that can be made easily using 10 honeys, 10 coals, 5 thistles and 1 neck tail. You can now fight all those enemies that use poison to attack easily!

7. Tasty Mead

This potion is a little controversial as it speeds up your stamina regeneration rate by a whooping 300% but decreases your ability to regain health by reducing health regeneration rate by 50%.

What is a Cauldron in Valheim?

Collecting the ingredients for each mead base is not enough to make the potion. You need to put these ingredients in a Cauldron. Once you put them in the cauldron, they will combine together and produce the mead base.

Valheim Cauldron

How to Create a Cauldron in Valheim?

To make a cauldron in Valheim, you need access to a smelter by finding Surtling Cores. You can find them by exploring dungeons or by killing Surtlings. Once you have enough of these cores, make the smelter. Then, smelt the tin (found near shores of water sources) down into ingots. Now you have all the things that you need to create the Cauldron!

What is a Fermenter in Valheim?

You have the base but what do you do with it now? Just put it in a fermenter to get your hands on some amazing potions. The fermenter is made using bronze which you can get by smelting copper and tin.

How to Create a Fermenter in Valheim?

Fermenter in Valheim

Here are the exact ingredients that you need to make a fermenter for your meads:

  1. 30 Fine Wood
  2. 5 Bronze
  3. 10 Resin
  4. A Wood Hammer (requires additional 3 woods and 2 stones)

You need to make sure that you set the fermenter within the range of a forge. Additionally, you can make Valheim potion making easier by building the cauldron and fermenter close together.

Keep in mind that each fermenter can only make one potion at a time and that each potion takes several in game days to reach completion. A mega advantage is that the fermenter will provide you with 6 potions for each mead base that you put in it.

We also recommend setting up at least a few fermenters to ensure that you always have sufficient potions on hand. Once the fermenter is done fermenting the base, the potion will appear directly in your inventory.


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