Valheim Forge: How to Craft and Upgrade?

Valheim is a top-rated game among people who are into the genre of fantasy. It is basically an adventure, survival game. However, being a player, you must already know all this. So, if you’re here to find out how to craft and upgrade a forge in Valheim, then my friend, you have come to the right place. Because in this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know to become one of the best players in Valheim. 

As you play the game, you collect some resources. You can find these resources all over the map, and you can also get them by completing missions and gaining achievements. A particular resource, namely metal, can prove very helpful in the game if used correctly. As you are bound to collect lots of metal in the game, the question is, how can you make good use of all of this metal? The answer is simple: create a forge and use that metal to upgrade and develop tools to help you along the way.

Let’s talk about how you can create a forge and how to upgrade it to make better tools and weapons.

How to Craft a Forge in Valheim?

There are many types of metals in the game. The player will collect ores like tin and copper in places like the Iron in the Swamp and Black Forest Biome. However, the player cannot directly use the ores. Therefore, they will need to convert the ores into usable metal before using them. For that, they need a Smelter. To make use of the metal’s players will need a forge.

Valheim Forge

The first thing to know before crafting a forge is that it needs to be indoors. Meaning a player will need to set the Forge in a place with 4 walls and a roof. Moreover, the Forge must also be close to a Workbench. Similarly, the level of the crafting table needs to be high for the Forge to work; to make this happen, players need to place as many items around their Forge. Finally, regardless of their location, be it indoor or outdoor, they need to be near the Forge.

Players will need a pickaxe and copper, which they will use to mine. Additionally, they can use the Smelter to make pure copper bars then a charcoal kiln to create coal. To make a forge, a player must have,

Items Required to Build a Forge.

  • 4 pieces of coal
  • 4 pieces of stone
  • 10 pieces of woods
  • 6 pieces of copper

Well! You must be wondering that from where can you get all of these materials? You don’t have to worry as the equipment is already available on the Workbench. For coal, the player can either overcook the meat, burn wood in the kiln, pick it up after surtlings drop it, or find it in treasure chests. Mine the copper and, using the Smelter, obtain a purer form. Similarly, you can find stones lying all over the ground. But the player will need to chop down trees to get wood.

Valheim Forge

To open the crafting table:

  1. Equip the hammer and press F.
  2. From there, navigate to forge with the help of Q and E keys.
  3. Use the left button of the mouse to place it anywhere inside your house.

Upgrading the Forge

Now finally, when you know how to create a forge. But, first, let’s talk about how to upgrade a Valheim forge. 

Now to upgrade a Forge, players will need to place six different types of building around it to increase its level one at a time. Meaning there are a total of 6 upgrades one can perform on his Forge. There is no specific order in which you have to place those items; doing them in any manner will increase the level whatsoever. They have to be near the Forge.

The buildings you need to place near a Forge are as follows,

  • Forge Cooler
  • To make a Forge cooler, players will need 25 fine wood pieces and 20 copper pieces.
  • Anvil
  • Players can craft the Anvil at the Workbench. The materials they will need to do so are 20 Bronze and 5 pieces of wood.
  • Smith’s Anvil
  • Unlike the regular Anvil, players will need 20 iron pieces and 5 wood pieces to create Smith’s anvil.
  • Forge Tool Rack
  • To make a forge Tool Rack, the player will require 15 iron pieces and 10 wood pieces.
  • Forge Bellows
  • Gain 5 hides of a deer, 4 Chains, and 5 pieces of wood to make a Forge Bellow.
  • Grinding Wheel

To make this, you will need 25 pieces of wood and one Sharpening Stone.

For ensuring that you have done everything correctly, a Sparkly line will show linking the Forge to the building, which means that the Forge is now one level up.

So, What are you waiting for? First, head on over to Valheim and craft and upgrade your Forge. Then, use these tips to build up a mighty arsenal of weapons and dominate the game.

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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