Twitter rolls out new Circle feature – How it can Benefit you?

Twitter started testing with Twitter Circle in May this year with a limited number of iOS, Android and web users. The testing went well, and now the users can enjoy Twitter Circle. This new feature of Twitter allows Twitter users to share their posts with limited members. Of course, the users can decide with whom they want to share a certain post. Twitter Circle is a feature that is very similar to the ones which are already present on Instagram. Even on Instagram, the users can select a group of a few users, form a group and share their posts exclusively in that group. Let us now see this feature in detail. 

What Is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is a new feature that will allow Twitter users to see who can see and further engage with their tweets. Using this feature, a user can add up to 150 members to the Circle. Once added, the user can proceed to share the tweets in the group exclusively. 

Additionally, only the members of the groups can view, reply and further interact with the tweet shared on the Circle. With this feature, Twitter is hoping that its users will be able to connect closely and deeply with their followers. Also, the option to talk to everyone will still be present in the Twitter timeline.

Twitter Circle Was Released On 30th August 2022

Jay Suvvilian, in a tweet, revealed that Twitter Circle was released just a year ago, on 30 August. While talking about Twitter Circle, he said that it would provide Twitter with a way to communicate privately with people. With this information, he provided additional information about the feature. We have already discussed how this feature will allow you to tweet to a smaller group. He said that using this feature, a user can talk about sports, music, culture, and work and even go ahead to share personal updates with the selected people of the circle.

The Circle allows you to choose 150 people with whom they can share their tweets. Lastly, he added that the developers would continue developing Twitter to provide a healthier way to communicate. Also, with Twitter Circle, users can join public conversations on their own terms.

Why Is This Feature Beneficial?

The Circle provides Twitter users with more flexibility to choose who can engage with their tweets. It, in turn, will make people more comfortable in expressing themselves on the platforms. Also, it eliminates the need to have any secondary or alternate accounts to interact with a smaller group of people. Furthermore, it will give away to the users to talk about their expertise openly on the platform and, at the same time, share their personal thoughts with their close ones.

Twitter rolls out new Circle feature - What is it?
Twitter rolls out new Circle feature – What is it?

Thanks to this feature, one can now also eliminate the need to shift back and forth between public and protected account settings. Many features will complement this new feature. Let us now have a look at them.

Complementary Features

To be precise, three additional features will complement Twitter Circle. Firstly, the user can change who can reply to a particular shared tweet during the mid-conversation. This feature is already present on Twitter but will now be applicable in this new feature.

Secondly, the Unmentioned feature is helpful for users who want to leave a conversation in which they don’t want to take part. Lastly, Twitter is now testing a feature that will allow its users to remove followers without first blocking them. This feature is already present on Instagram and has proved to be immensely helpful for Instagram users.

Also, when a user is removed from the Circle, they will not receive any notification. However, the circle members will see a badge under the shared tweets. The badge will indicate that the tweet comes with limited accessibility.

Now while sharing the tweet, the users will provide the option to choose the audience: the public and Twitter Circle. Based on their preference, they can choose any of these audiences. Let us now see how Twitter users will react to this new feature.


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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