Is Twisten Cause of Death a Suicide?

Twisten, a brilliant Valorant player, shockingly died at the age of 19. According to recent news, while Twisten cause of death has not been identified, it is believed that he committed suicide.

Twisten’s last tweet, “Good night,” was reported by various digital media sites. However, people are curious to know about Twisten’s cause of death, as he was a renowned figure in the e-sports community.

This article will reveal all about the shocking news of the death of the Czech Republic’s famous player, Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener. He was a competent Valorant player and had participated in various sponsored gaming contests representing Vitality, an e-sports company located in France. The Vitality team sadly confirmed the death of their professional Valorant player in a statement on Wednesday. The Vitality team is deeply shocked and saddened by this unbelievable loss. According to the Vitality team, they have gathered a lot of relevant information about this incident.

Team Vitality, the well-known French e-sports company, revealed the heart-wrenching news, paying tribute to the contributions Twisten made to their team. This news has already gone viral on various social media platforms, and everyone is curious to know more about this shocking news.

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Who Was Karel Twisten?

Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener, an extraordinary Valorant player, was a part of Team Vitality. Karel “Twisten” was recognized for his combative performance, and his extraordinary skills were game-changing, leaving Team Vitality in mourning.

Is Twisten Cause of Death a Suicide?
Is Twisten Cause of Death a Suicide?

What Was Twisten Cause of Death?

The cause of death has not yet been confirmed by Twisten’s team. However, the team’s assistant asserted that he died by suicide. The team has emphasized the significance of mental health awareness after losing their gem.

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Did Twisten Commit Suicide?

The documented cause of Twisten’s death is a suicide, reportedly following a long struggle with depression. Twisten opened up in a detailed post in February 2023 about his battle with depression, which was triggered by Team Vitality’s defeat against another Valorant team.

He candidly stated that the defeat emotionally drained him to the point that he could not even attend the press conference. Twisten admitted to engaging in self-harming behaviour in February and mentioned being hospitalized in a mental health facility.

Twisten stated, “I have been dealing with depression for over two years now.” From this statement, we can infer that he was not mentally stable after the defeat. “I don’t know if people saw it at the event here at the LOCK/IN, but over Christmas, I did bad things to myself.” Twisten’s story serves as an example of the hardships competitive players face in the gaming world and highlights the importance of creating a friendly environment that fosters players’ mental well-being.

“I self-harmed and was in a bad situation for a few days and was considering ending it all, but my dad saved me,” he further stated. “I spent a few days in the ‘worst’ Mental Health Hospital.” These statements clearly show that he was unable to cope with the loss. He took a break to gather the strength to come back to the game but was unable to make it through.

Regardless of his mental health struggle, he did not give up. He remained confident that he and his team could navigate through this difficult time. Twisten’s death should be considered a catalyst to create a supportive gaming environment for players.

The shocking news of pro players’ deaths underscores the importance of mental health awareness and its significant impact on one’s life. It emphasizes the need for mental health awareness programs in the esports community to help players maintain emotional stability in any situation. The struggle is immense for the family and friends of Twisten.

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