The Way Home Season 2: Everything We Know

The Way Home Season 2 is happening. We are heading for a second season, thankfully! For many, this news is unsurprising because the first season was a massive success. It managed to maintain its ratings among over 1.6 million viewers. This is very rare for a series that has just made its debut. If you enjoyed the first season and are eagerly looking forward to laying your hands on information about The Way Home Season 2, you have hit the right place.

The Way Home Season 2: Release Date 

Hallmark has recently announced The Way Home Season 2. We know the second season has received a green light, but that’s all! An official release date announcement regarding The Way Home Season 2 has yet to be out. We will update this section as soon as the official release date of The Way Home Season 2 is available. Till then, you will have to wait. 


We expect the first season’s primary cast to return for the second season. If it is the case, we hope to see the following actors and actresses in the upcoming season:

  • Chyler Leigh as Kat Landry 
  • Evan Williams as Elliot Augustine 
  • Sadie Laflamme as Alice Dhawan 
  • Andie MacDowell as Del Landry 
  • Alex Hook as teen Kat 
  • Jefferson Brown as Colton Landry 
  • David Webster as teen Elliot 
  • Marnie McPhail as Rita Richards 
  • Kataem O’Connor as Spencer Hill 

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We are also hoping to see Nigel Whitmey, Samora Smallwood, and Remy Smith in the upcoming season.

What To Expect In The Way Home Season 2?

The official synopsis of Season 2 is not out yet. While discussing the upcoming season, Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President, Development, Hallmark Media, said the viewers would enjoy more drama and mystery in The Way Home Season 2. It is because, in the next season, the family history of the Landry family will further unfold. 

In The Way Home Season 2, the viewers expect to see more about the history of Kat and Del. Hopefully, the makers will shed more light on their past lives. Furthermore, we all agree that Landry women must go through a healing phase. Also, we expect a closure for Kat in the upcoming season. 

The Way Home Season 2: Everything We Know
The Way Home Season 2: Everything We Know

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Only after the official synopsis is available can we accurately guess the plot of The Way Home Season 2. Till then, we can hope with our fingers crossed. 

Where To Watch The Way Home Season 2?

You can stream the second season on Hallmark Movies Now and Hallmark TV upon release. Additionally, one can also rent or purchase the series on Vudu and Amazon Prime Video. Finally, if you are yet to watch the first season, you can stream it on the platforms mentioned above, along with Peacock. 

That’s all we know about The Way Home Season 2. For now, there is no trailer for the second season. Hopefully, it will be out soon. We will let you know as soon as the trailer is available. Therefore, stay tuned!

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