It Ends with Us Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Spoilers

The It Ends with Us movie release date starts to be speculated here!

Colleen Hoover’s 2016 best-seller novel “It Ends with Us” is now under development to screen Lily Bloom’s struggle. The romance plot has been in popularity since its first publication. The popularity of Colleen’s disturbing story has been caught for film adaptation by Justin Baldoni, an actor and director.

Justin Baldoni has been breaking the news about the film adaptation, changing the director’s role, and the first draft completion for Colleen’s novel “It Ends with Us” through social media platforms. In the year 2019, he first broke the news through his Instagram account:

“So excited to be working with the brilliant @colleenhoover to try to bring #ItEndsWithUs to the big screen!!! I’m so passionate about this book and so honored she chose me to help bring it to the world. Thank you to my wonderful book agent @jcastillobooks for connecting us! ***Link in my bio to get the book*** ———***trigger warning: domestic violence/ toxic relationship****.”

The news of developments related to the film adaptations has been counter-tracked on social media while creating interest and curiosity. Naomi Norbez breaks down these triggers in the article “Everything We Know About It Ends with Us Novel Adaptation”:

“After his announcement of the It Ends With Us film adaptation, there was relative silence (aside from Baldoni tweeting, “Who do you think I should play when we make [the movie]?”) until September of 2020. He had originally been planning to direct the movie himself, but stated, “I realized this is a much more important project for a woman to direct,” and hired a female director instead.”


“Then, in October of 2021, we got big news. He took to social media to share more news, this time on TikTok, where he revealed that the screenplay’s first draft was finally done! This means the movie will soon be moving from pre-production to production, and we can’t wait to see where it goes.”

After so much revelation from the director’s side, let’s have some expectations from our side. Yes, down to this floor!

It Ends with Us Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Spoilers!

The novel “It Ends with Us” is already on its way to transforming for the big screen. Colleen Hoover’s novel adaptation can only be assumed to begin to develop. For the time being, what could be slated here further are speculations.

It Ends with Us Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Spoilers!
It Ends with Us Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Spoilers!

It Ends with Us Movie Release Date: The plot

The basic plot that could be expected for Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends with Us” novel adaptation is that of the novel’s storyline. The novel has brought the character of Lily Bloom into its fictional realm while incorporating Colleen’s essential life elements. Colleen herself has admitted that the novel “It Ends with Us” takes its foundation from her life. For instance, the story breathes on the tides of her mother’s relationship with her father’s abusive personality. Indeed, the plotline development must have taken a substantial emotional strength of the author to present her own unpleasant experience within the novel. 

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Mara White, a contributor on, reports her interview with Colleen Hoover. Mara asks the question with a similar perspective about what difficulty must the author has been through, and Colleen’s reply is of great concern:

“I’m guessing this was not a straightforward story to tell. Did you, at any point during the crafting of this tale, feel overwhelmed, like you’d taken on too much?

COLLEEN HOOVER: Absolutely. This was by far the most challenging book I’ve ever written. I like to play devil’s advocate when I write. I enjoy telling stories in a way that takes a complex subject and presents it differently.”

Colleen further explains her difficulty while creating the plot,

“With this one, I was approaching a very touchy subject from an angle that isn’t taken a lot. I often wanted to change the story because I didn’t want to take the characters to the places I was going to take them, but I knew I needed to.”

The difficulty of telling a woman’s story, especially of one who has fallen into an abusive relationship, from here can be expected to generate the same problem in its screen production.

The Cast for It Ends with Us Movie

Like the plot, the cast also has not been revealed yet. Till the official release of the casting details, we have to wait.

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Trailers and Spoilers for the Movie “It Ends with Us”

There have not been released any official trailers for the “It Ends with Us” novel adaptation. Henceforth, there cannot be spoilers yet to present here.

It Ends with Us Movie Release Date

Audiences out there! There has not been an official announcement, for it ends with us movie’s release date. Till then, wait.